Why Do Dogs Bring You Things?

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Have you come home from a long day at work and your dog greets you with their happy tail wag and a toy in their mouth?

Well, you aren’t the only one, as many dogs enjoy giving their owners their favorite toy, stinky sock or slipper when they are pleased to see them. But why, you ask?

If you’re wondering the same thing, then keep reading because in this article I will explain why your canine companion greets you with things after a long day away from home.

By Allison Salonko.

Allison is a Veterinary Technician in the state of Indiana. She graduated from International Business College and Vet Tech Institute of Indianapolis with a degree in Animal Science and Technology in 2011.

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The Main Reason: Your Dog Is Just Being A Dog

There are a few theories behind why we think that dogs bring their owners toys or other items from the house.

Because dogs can’t talk, there is no real way to be positive that these are the reasons behind the behavior.

However, we can always assume based on what we know about dogs and the way they think.

For the most part, these three reasons are the most likely explanation for your dog bringing you things when you come home. 

  • They want to play
  • They are showing affection
  • They are trying to please you

Why Do Dogs Bring Us Toys

When a dog is left alone all day, it is not unusual for them to be bored and frustrated in their solitude while you were gone.

It’s common for many dogs to greet their owners with a toy because they are bored, want to play and are eager to please.

They Just Want To Play

Dogs are active and social creatures who just want to burn some energy and play with their favorite people.

When your dog brings you a toy, they are often asking for you to engage them and play a fun game of tug or fetch.

It’s also theorized that dogs that are retrieving breeds are inherently trained to bring their owners food or toys.

It is not unusual for these dogs to want to carry their own leash or bring their owners random toys or items that they happily find.

They Are Showing Affection

Dogs have a natural desire to make us happy and many dogs love to show affection to their favorite people by either licking their face, cuddling on the couch or sometimes bringing their owners a toy or other beloved item.

It’s not typical for a dog to bring anything to a stranger and this behavior is usually reserved for their favorite people.

They Are Trying To Please You

More often than not a dog will bring their owner a toy because they simply want to please them and make them happy.

If they can tell that you’ve had a bad day, then maybe a slobbery cottonless squirrel will cheer you up!

You know, according to dog logic.

Why Do Dogs Bring You Socks?

A common item removed from the stomach of many dogs are socks. Sometimes multiple socks and sometimes just one. No matter what, they are clearly a popular favorite to chew and eat when it comes to our canine companions.

So, why is your dog stealing and bringing you socks?

They Want To Get A Reaction From You

If you’ve been spending too much time doing chores or other things around the house, you may notice your dog eventually bringing you an unwanted gift: socks.

This is usually because they are simply trying to get your attention and a rise out of you.

Your dog probably stole a sock from the laundry once and managed to get the response from you that they were hoping for.

After all, negative attention is still some kind of attention.

It Smells Like You

Another common theory is that they want to bring you dirty socks because they smell like you.

They must be assuming that you need it.

If a dog thinks that you are in pain and that they can comfort you, sometimes a sock is the first item they think of.

Not sure exactly why, but this is just a speculation.

They Want To Bring You A Gift

Nearly everybody knows that cats enjoy bringing their people gifts of dead animals (and sometimes living), but dogs will sometimes do this too.

When a dog that cares about you thinks that you need a helping hand or even a gift, they will spend their time trying to figure out how to find and bring you the perfect present.

Dogs Will Be Dogs

Without the ability to speak, canine behavior is only something that we can observe and speculate on.

Nothing is for sure guaranteed and if your dog loves bringing you his favorite toy or maybe a dirty pair of socks then you should probably accept their gracious gift.

We wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings since they’re just trying to be nice! 

Photo by Daniel.