Why Are Golden Retrievers Good Service Dogs

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It’s no secret that golden retrievers are among the most beloved dog breeds universally. These dogs are kind, friendly, loyal, good natured, and well, everything else you could possibly expect from a dog!

But you might not know exactly why golden retrievers make excellent service dogs.

Let’s start with the basics and then dive into why golden retrievers are good service dogs.

By Mila Bander.

Professional writer and researcher just as in love with dogs as the next girl. Has fostered/babysitted dogs for neighbors and loved every second of it.

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What is a Service Dog

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, “service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities.”

Service dogs are not simply pets, or even emotional support or therapy dogs.

Service dogs are especially trained to help their handler with things directly related to their disability or disease.

What A Service Dog Does

Whether they are there to provide emotional support or to help with daily tasks, service dogs may are a huge part of a person’s life.

It is crucial that the dog breeds chosen to be trained as assistance dogs have the right temperament and disposition for this important task.

In order to completely support people with impairments, they must also have the capacity to receive the appropriate training in service duties.

There are different types of tasks and different kinds of service dogs.

Some of the tasks service dogs need to do include:

  • Help blind people go places and guide them
  • House chores and minor but important tasks
  • Picking things up
  • Alerting owners with hearing impairment of sounds
  • Helping someone with autism, ADHD, etc
  • Recognizing seizures before they happen
  • Helping their owner after a seizure
  • Bring medicine
  • Press buttons of an alarm system and call for help
  • And many more tasks.

Golden Retrievers are particularly suited to perform as a service dog.

But why?

Requirements of a Service Dog

If you are a dog, and are looking for a job as a service dog, this list will help you recognize if you’re suited to work as a service dog.

But just know you’re a good boy or girl even if you don’t fit all the criteria!

Regardless of breed, all service dogs must have a specific set of traits. However, not all dogs can be assistance animals. Your Golden Retriever can become a service dog if they meet certain requirements, as follows:

  • Loyal
  • Kind, mellow
  • Attentive and focused
  • Reliable and stable
  • Opposite of aggressive
  • Doesn’t mind being touched by strangers, sociable
  • Doesn’t get distracted easily
  • Keeps away from threats on the environment
  • Mingles well in various places and situations
  • Eager to learn tasks
  • Eager to please
  • Strong but gentle
  • Enjoys accompanying their owner everywhere.

Why Golden Retrievers Are Good Service Dogs

Golden retrievers show most if not all of the requirements to be a service dog naturally.

Goldens are the most popular dog breed to work as service dogs, and they make great service dogs for a variety of reasons.

Golden Retrievers are Loyal

Golden retrievers are everything you could expect from a dog, and that includes being extremely loyal.

They are unlikely to disappoint you or even leave you hanging on a high five.

Golden Retrievers are Strong but Gentle

Don’t be fooled by their adorable face and sweet smile.

Golden retrievers are on the bigger side, and they are also strong, symmetrical dogs bred for demanding working conditions.

They are muscular and agile.

Golden retrievers also have energy that lasts all day long.

Their battery probably lasts longer than your phone’s.

Golden Retrievers are Eager to Please

Golden retrievers have an enthusiasm to please their owners, especially when there are treats involved.

This is an inherent personality trait of the golden retriever breed that makes it easy to train them.

Golden Retrievers have a Great Sense of Smell

Dogs in general have an incredible sense of smell. They have millions more olfactory receptors than humans.

Dog’s noses are 10,000 to 100,000 times more powerful than human noses!

Hound breeds have the best sense of smell when it comes to scent on the ground.

But have you ever noticed golden retrievers helping track something that’s missing?

That’s because golden retrievers detect scents in the air rather than on the ground, and are really helpful in finding people when the ground trail is gone.

Golden Retrievers are Smart

According to Dr. Stanley Coren’s book, The Psychology of Dogs, Golden Retrievers are the 4th smartest dog breed.

The three first are Border Collies, Poodles and German Shepherds.

Golden Retrievers are Easy to Train

Golden retrievers have three things that make them easy to train:

  • They’re smart
  • They love to please their humans
  • They love snacks!

A golden retriever will be excited to learn new things while getting treats and being praised by their humans.

They are one of the most trainable dog breeds.

Golden Retrievers are Kind and Humble

Although they are really smart, golden retrievers are mellow and kind. They don’t particularly enjoy showing off like Border Collies, and they don’t have the disposition of a guard or shepherd dog.

Golden retrievers are sweet-tempered and have a tranquil demeanor, while also being friendly and playful when their humans want to play.

They are pleasant and adapt well to their owners and families.

Photo by Taylor.