Where To Store Dog Toys? 7 Best Places

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If you’re planning on bringing home a new dog, or have maybe already done so, you’ll quickly learn that there are a lot of things that come home with your furry friend.

Beds, pet gates, bowls, feeders, medications, foods, and more, will all take up valuable space in your home.

And then there are the toys – where to store dog toys?

Written by Laryn Carter.

Laryn is a Clemson University alumna, with undergraduate studies focused on Animal and Veterinary Sciences.

As a life long animal lover raised on a family hobby farm, she has special interest in both pets and farm animals.

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If you’re anything like the majority of millennials (who make up one of the largest demographics of pet owners), your dog’s collection of toys can quickly grow out of control.

The truth is that the best place to store your dog’s toys is wherever is best for you.

Some people prefer to keep toys tucked away for a clean, tidy appearance, whereas other pet owners enjoy leaving their dog’s toys out for easy access.

Additionally, it may be preferable to keep toys in a specific location such as the living room, dedicated pet space, bedroom, or spare room.

I’ll describe some of the best places to store your dog’s toys and ideas you may not have thought of.

A storage bin, box, or basket

Some type of open storage bin, box, or basket is one of the most accessible methods of storing your dog’s toys.

I keep my dog’s toys in a shallow collapsable storage bin on my TV stand and taught my dog to pull the storage bin out to get his toys.

Open options such as these are convenient in that your dog can likely get toys out by himself, and can potentially even be trained to put them away!

In a storage bench or ottoman

One method which will free up your floor space, and keep your home looking spiffy, is storing your dog’s toys in your furniture.

The downside to keeping your dog’s toys in a closed method such as this one is that you will have to open the lid or take the toys out for your dog and put them away when they are finished.

Cubby storage

Cubbies are a popular form of storage in many modern homes and are easily found both in stores and ordered online.

These storage cubbies offer plenty of variety between four, six, eight, nine, or twelve cubbies, and options of full size, half size, or no bin.

Depending on the bin type and height you choose to store your dog’s toys, your dog may be able to access them himself.

Over-the-door storage organizers

Over-the-door organizers are good for more than just shoes, and pet toys are just one of the many ways they can be repurposed.

The benefits of using this type of organizer are that you’ll have a lot of storage for toys, and won’t have to dog through a whole box, tub, or bench to find what you are looking for.

The downside will be that your dog may reach high enough to get some toys.

Outdoor storage

Just like our cars, motorcycles, boats, and other fun ‘toys’, some of our dog’s things are just best suited to being stored outside, in a garage, or a shed.

This is especially true of the larger or more dangerous items such as large balls, tug ropes, automatic ball throwers, or agility equipment.

Another option for storing these items is in the bench-style or stand-up storage containers typically intended for lawn care items.

Unique miscellaneous storage

As I said before, the best place to store your dog’s toys is wherever works best for you, and that won’t be the same for everyone.

Many people may find it beneficial to leave a few toys anywhere their dog spends a lot of time.

I used to leave a few toys in the seat pocket in my car for car rides and visiting family as well as in one of the storage hatches on the boat for summer days on the lake.

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Photo: Mylene.