Where To Put Dog Bed In Your Home?

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Finding the perfect spot for your dog’s bed can require a little thought.

Their age and the layout of your home should be taken into consideration when finding that perfect place for them to rest their paws.

By Allison Salonko.

Allison is a Veterinary Technician in the state of Indiana. She graduated from International Business College and Vet Tech Institute of Indianapolis with a degree in Animal Science and Technology in 2011.

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Suitable Areas In The Home To Put A Dog Bed

There are a few considerations to make when looking for that suitable place for your dog to sleep.

Keep reading to find out where in your home is the best spot to put your dog’s comfy, favorite bed.

Somewhere Quiet

It’s important that your dog’s bed is placed somewhere quiet. 

Putting it near the hallway, front door or other high traffic areas of the home is not an ideal location.

Avoiding areas where there is a lot of outside noise or commotion will not allow your dog to rest.

That will keep them on constant high alert.

Not only is finding a quiet, low traffic area is important, but you wouldn’t want their bed to be next to something that can be disruptive to their sleep.

I don’t suggest placing their beds in laundry rooms, since the washer or dryer could be bothersome, even though it’s a low traffic area.

Somewhere Near Family

Dogs love to be near their owners and favorite people. Having their beds near where you or the family often spend time is best.

If your family likes to hang out the most in the living room, then having their bed near the couch but not too close to the TV or other noisy equipment would be best.

I think that having their bed next to a TV is unideal even though it’s likely in an area of the home where a lot of family members are.

If your dog likes to sleep next to or in bed with your daughter or son, then put their bed next to your child’s.

Likewise, if you work from home or spend a lot of time in an office, then have a bed set up in there so they can always be comfortable and nearby.

Somewhere Warm

Just like most animals, dogs prefer a warm and cozy place to rest their tired heads for a nap or even a full eight hours.

Trying to sleep in a cold, drafty location is certainly not ideal for anyone, especially our beloved canine companions. According to veterinary surgeon Iain Booth, drafts can give dogs joint pain.

If there are no draft-free parts of your home, you could always keep their bed near your closet or in the bathroom.

Somewhere They Choose

Give your pet the freedom of choosing their favorite spot.

They are similar to people in regard to having a place they prefer to sit or spend their time.

My dog’s favorite place is on her bed in between the fireplace (which I keep going in the colder months) and my husband’s recliner chair.

Some dogs will want to sleep in a bedroom with a specific person, or even change it up sometimes.

Having multiple beds is fine, however, I always draw a line at some point since beds can be a little pricey.

But there’s nothing that says your dog can’t have a few beds throughout the house.

Take note of what your pet tries to tell you.

If they have found a corner of the living room or your bedroom that they enjoy sleeping in, then maybe move their bed to that location. 

Somewhere Close

I like to suggest finding a place that’s close, but not too close. You don’t want your dog’s bed in the middle of the walking path through the living room.

I bet they wouldn’t like it either, feeling like they’re going to get kicked or stepped on anytime someone walks by.

Find a location that is close to the popular hangout places, but not somewhere where they’re in the way.

Where Should I Put My Dog’s Bed In A Small House?

If you have a smaller home and you aren’t sure where to put your dog’s bed, that’s fine. There is always a place!

The best thing to do is find an area of the home where you spend the most time and locate a cozy corner or under a desk that you sit at most of the day.

Where In My Bedroom Should I Put My Dog’s Bed?

Ideally, when it comes to bedroom locations, I think the best place is either

  • next to your bed
  • at the foot of the bed
  • or near a corner.

I don’t like to share my bed at night with my dog, she is too big and I don’t have enough room with her and my husband, so she has her bed near enough to ours that she feels comfortable.

Where Should I Put My Dog’s Bed In The Living Room?

That really depends on the way that your home is set up.

If you have an open concept living area then have the bed somewhere where they can have a clear view of the areas of the home that people spend a lot of time in.

For instance, I spend a lot of time cooking or in the living/dining area with my family so the best place to put my dog’s bed is in the corner of the dining room where she has a clear view of the kitchen and living room.

Should My Dog Sleep In Their Crate At Night?

Some owners have a crate, kennel or cage (whatever you prefer to call it) where their dog stays while they are not at home or when everyone is sleeping.

This usually comes from crate training as a puppy to ensure that they didn’t have accidents all over the house and for their own safety in general.

If your dog enjoys sleeping in their crate at night or if you just aren’t comfortable with them being out while you’re in bed then that’s completely fine.

Just make sure that they have a nice dog bed in the crate for maximum comfort.

Put Your Dog’s Bed Somewhere Safe And Warm

Finding the perfect spot for your dog to rest on their bed is caring and thoughtful.

Take note from them if you are not sure where to start, find the area of the home that the family spends the most time and go from there.

Your dog will probably point you in the right direction.

Photo by Andrew.