Where To Donate Dog Beds In The US

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Animal shelters and organizations that make it their mission to help people and pets in need are an excellent option for donating old beds, towels and blankets.

If you’ve been decluttering your house and you have an abundance of items that you need to get rid of, always check to see if there are shelters or rescues who could use them.

If you’re located in the US and you want to find a way to reuse and recycle old dog beds and pet supplies then keep reading to find a list of places that would love to take your second hand items.

By Allison Salonko.

Allison is a Veterinary Technician in the state of Indiana. She graduated from International Business College and Vet Tech Institute of Indianapolis with a degree in Animal Science and Technology in 2011.

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What Places Need Donated Dog Beds?

Shelters, humane societies and small animal rescues can always use donations.

These organizations are usually spending every dollar they earn on food, bedding, medications and treatments for the pets in their care.

They graciously appreciate donations, ranging from food, to old towels to dog beds.

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How To Donate Dog Beds To Shelters In Need?

The best way to donate your old pet supplies and dog bed is to simply bring the items to those local facilities.

However, it is possible to donate dog beds and other important things to shelters and humane societies across the country by finding affiliates that make it their mission to give back.

Find A Charitable Company

Many companies like Kuranda and Gorilla Dog Beds will send a bed to charities, shelters or rescues that they work with.

This is a great opportunity to donate several beds to several different facilities and dogs across the US, not limiting yourself to what is located near where you live.

Kuranda beds are a popular style of bed in shelters, as it elevates the dog off of the ground while also having a durable and less chew-worthy design.

Search For A Shelter’s Wish List

Some humane societies, shelters and rescues will have a “wishlist” that is associated with an affiliate company.

You can search their wishlist and make purchases that will be sent directly to the society or rescue.

This option is a wonderful way for people across the country to donate to any animal saving organization in need.

Tit For Tat Companies

There are several companies that promote donating to animal shelters and rescues, but people usually need to purchase an item in order for something to be sent to those societies.

This sales tactic may seem a little cheap to some, but to those of us that know how much the shelter animals need these items, it is certainly worthwhile.

Going Local

While there are several options for donating dog beds and other items across the country, you can always contribute to your local shelters, humane societies and rescues as well.

Oftentimes, these places are in need of new bedding, towels and monetary donations, making them an excellent and humble place to give back to.

Check Out Chewy

Chewy is an extremely popular online pet supply chain that has also made it their personal mission to give back to those shelters and rescues in need.

With their expansive US footprint, they are able to reach out to and donate to hundreds of locations across the country.

Not only are they known for donating thousands of pounds of food, bedding and toys locally, but they are also able to deliver donated goods to over 30 different cities throughout the US.

Where To Donate Dog Beds In The US

There’s a dog out there somewhere, sleeping on a thread-bare towel or a cold, hard floor in a small kennel at a shelter.

Whether your dog bed is old and used or brand new, there is a pup out there somewhere who will jump for joy at the idea of sleeping comfortably for the first time in who knows how long.

If you’re looking to declutter and you have some pet supplies or a dog bed that you can donate, then don’t hesitate to reach out to local shelters.

There are always pets in need that will love your second-hand items!

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