What Is Special About Rottweilers?

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Rottweilers – What’s Good About Them?

Ahh….the Rottweiler. Majestic, loyal, and fearless, there are very few breeds as misunderstood as this cattle herding dog.

Often inaccurately and irresponsibly portrayed by the media as snarling, lunging attack dogs, these gentle giants are one of the most stable, even-tempered dogs if raised and socialized right.

By Adeline Ee.

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One thing’s for sure. Rottweilers are definitely protective dogs.

After all, it is what they were born and bred to do, with the guarding instinct passed down for hundreds of years.

So if you are wondering about Rottweilers – what’s good about them, let me tell you. Almost EVERYTHING!

Aside from the fact that they eat like maniacs.

Rottweilers – A Brief History

Native to the town of Rottweil, (surprise!) Germany, the Rottweiler was originally bred to drive cattle to market.

The breed soon became prized for its strength and loyalty, and began to be used as a working dog in a variety of professions.

Today, the Rottweiler is still widely employed as a police dog, service animal, and guard dog.

But the breed has also become a popular companion animal, thanks in part to its calm and loving nature.

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Characteristics Of A Rottweiler

Loyal to a fault, courageous, and affectionate, Rotties are extremely attached to their families and will take time to warm up to strangers.

Not to say that they will be aggressive, but they can be aloof until they get to know you.

Calm and confident, a well-raised Rottie will not instigate aggression, but will also not back down from a confrontation.

They are also highly intelligent and easy to train, whether it’s learning obedience commands or tricks.

Rottweilers are naturally protective of their loved ones, which makes them excellent guard dogs.

However, their guarding instincts need to be properly channeled with socialization and training, or they can become overly suspicious of strangers.

Rottweilers are also dominant dogs that will not suit first-time dog owners or the inexperienced.

They will constantly challenge you, and at the slightest sign of inconsistency, push their boundaries and test their limits (and your patience!).

Size Of A Rottweiler

Contrary to the giant dogs they appear to be, Rotties are actually medium-large dogs that stand at 24 to 27 inches for males and 22 to 25 inches for females.

They are stocky, muscular dogs that weigh in at 95 to 135 lbs for males and 80 to 100 lbs for females.

My Rotties

I’ve had two Rottweilers my whole life. My best friend and partner Rachel, and my goofball, kinda-dumb boy Cody.

The Epitome Of Calm – The Girl

Rachel was the most even-tempered, stable dog I have ever met, and I’ve met hundreds, if not thousands of dogs.

She accompanies me everywhere I go and assists me during some sessions that I have had with troubled dogs that struggle with anxiety or fear.

Her sensitive, compassionate demeanor brought many a dog out of their shells, and out from hiding under couches.

Nothing fazes her, not even fireworks or gunshots.

The Tornado – The Boy

In stark contrast, Cody was a whirlwind of energy.

He could fetch for hours till I gave up throwing the ball and starting serving it with a tennis racket instead to get more distance.

He was a big, goofy klutz that is the very representation of a canine jock.

The Courageous Rottweiler

Rotties are known to be fearless, and rightfully so.

Many a Rottie I know will throw themselves in harm’s way to protect their loved ones without a second thought.

Their protective instincts not only hold true to their own families, but they want to save the world. Kinda like a hero complex.

There are countless stories around the world of Rotties saving lives!

For example, a family of Rottweilers saved the life of an elderly woman when she got trapped in a field and was in danger of succumbing to exposure.

Or this Rottie that burst into the room and scared off the knife-wielding thugs threatening his pregnant owner.

Physical Stimulation For A Rottweiler

The energy levels of each dog can vary wildly.

Rachel did well with a half-hour to an hour walk a day, while Cody wouldn’t quiet down for anything less than a two-hour walk or a strenuous run.

Rottweilers in general are athletic dogs that need a one-hour walk twice daily or a two-hour walk. They will not suit households with sedentary lifestyles.

An under-exercised Rottie is not a good idea!

Bored Rotties can get into all sorts of trouble like chewing and digging, and because of their sheer size and massive jaw strength, they are likely to cost you a pretty penny.

If you cannot spare the time and energy for a two-hour walk a day, other activities that Rotties usually enjoy are agility, obedience training, scent work, flyball, and a good, vigorous game of fetch.

Mental Stimulation For A Rottweiler

Rottweilers are highly intelligent dogs that might have a strong working drive, depending on their lineage.

Basic obedience training is a must-do!

They need a job and if you fail to give them one, they might give themselves a job like digging a hole to the center of the earth or eating all your furniture.

In addition to physical exertion, they’ll need to flex their intellectual muscles.

Interactive treat-dispensing puzzles or any other toys that require problem-solving skills might keep them busy for a while.

Watch out though! Many toys that claim to be “indestructible” might not stand up to a Rottie’s enthusiastic chewing. 

Final Thoughts

Whether working or playing, the Rottweiler is a versatile and dependable breed that has earned a place in the hearts of dog lovers around the world.

They certainly have a place in mine!

Photo by Joash.