What Do Dachshunds Like To Play With? Your Doxie Will Love THESE

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Dachshunds are naturally playful dogs that love toys—as long they’re the right ones.

Finding great toys for your dachshund that last long, don’t make a mess, don’t bore them, and aren’t a choking hazard is a harder task than you might think!

So, here are 7 toys your dachshund is guaranteed to love to play with.

Written by Becca Choi, a passionate dog person and proud plant mom living in sunny Los Angeles.

Her first ever pet was a lovable Husky-Shepard mix named Marley, but her favorite breed will always be dachshunds!

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Yellow and Blue Toys

This might be news to you, but dogs are not completely color blind.

While most things in the world look totally gray to them, they can still see shades of blue and yellow.

If you want to get your doxie’s attention, get them toys with bright shades of yellow and blue as the dominant colors.

Soft Toys with Good Textures

While dental disease is extremely common in all dog breeds, dachshunds are sadly, especially prone to this problem.

Since your wiener dog is more likely to have sensitive teeth, they’re more likely to enjoy textured toys with softer textures.

Squeaky Toys

Dachshunds are hunting dogs at heart.

They were originally bred to hunt badgers, so any badger sounds or animal squeaking noises will get—and keep—their attention.

This small breed tends to love any squeaker, including plastic water bottles that crinkle when they’re crushed and any other DIY toys.

Large Toys

Many people tend to limit their dog’s toy sizes based on their dog’s size.

This is especially true for dog owners with miniature dachshunds who tend to weigh only 10-15 pounds.

But dachshunds were bred to hunt badgers—not rats!

So, toys that are the same size as a doxie or even bigger tend to be a huge hit among this dog breed.

Toys with Treats

Now, any dog will love a toy with treats—and dachshunds are no exception.

Any toy that holds treats (like an IQ toy or a stuffed Kong) is sure to gain their interest.

To make the toys even more alluring, consider adding a high-value treat like boiled chicken or peanut butter!

Toys That Stimulate Their Brain

Most dog owners know that their dogs need to release their physical energy by running around and playing, but not everyone is aware that dogs need mental stimulation, too.

IQ toys, also known as puzzle toys, are toys that stimulate their behavior and their mind.

Try giving your dog a snuffle mat filled with treats to get them to work their nose or a puzzle box (also filled with treats) to work their brain.

Scented Toys

Now, most toys don’t come scented.

But you can scent a new toy yourself by wrapping it in your worn clothes for a few days before giving it to them.

Your dog will love it!

Conclusion: The Best Toys to Give Your Dachshund

Just like people, different dogs have personalities and unique tastes in toys.

If your dachshund seems to be bored of every toy you bring home, consider ropes, chew bones, puppy blankets, or good old dog treats.

You can also consult this guide for choosing the right dog chews for your dachshund.

However, if your dachshund does love toys, here are some of the best toys to consider:

Photo by Nicole Tarasuk.