What Are The Most Durable Dog Toys?

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If you’re looking for durable dog toys for a tough, big sized dog or a dog that just seems to have made a personal challenge to wreck all their toys, then you just found the right article.

In this post I will share what are the most durable dog toys, according to research, vets and dog owners around the globe.

These dog toys will last and so will your money!

By Mila Bander.

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Dogs are naturally curious, and explore their environment by smelling things, and if it smells safe, they will chew them to investigate and learn more; or to just have fun.

But in this article I share the reasons why it isn’t safe to just let your dog chew on wood sticks.

I’m sure you don’t want your dog chewing on furniture or your shoes either.

But don’t worry: there is no need to go to dog + owner therapy.

Dogs need safe toys, and you need them to be durable. Let’s fix this problem once and for all. 

Reinforced Rubber Rings are Basically Indestructible

Okay, so if you have a big boy or girl who probably beat the world record of fastest toy destruction, a reinforced rubber ring might be the toy for you.

The harder a toy is, the longer it will last. But you won’t just give your beloved dog any toy. Playing with hard toys that aren’t good quality, such as hard plastic toys, can be really dangerous.

Experts shared that many of these hard chew toys can be harmful to dogs.

They can splinter, causing internal damage to their digestive tract if swallowed, and they can also damage their teeth and the tissues inside their mouth, which can lead to expensive vet bills.

It can be counterproductive to give your dog an unsafe toy just because it’s made from a hard material.

That’s why for really tough dogs who love to chew, a high-quality reinforced rubber toy made from safe materials is the best choice.

There are dog toy rings made from the same rubber astronauts use.

This kind of rubber was designed for spaceships and aircraft. They just might stand a slim chance against your canine friend’s sharp teeth and determination to destroy.

There are different rubber rings of different sizes for all kinds of dogs.

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Bone Shaped Durable Dog Toys

“The best toys replicate natural behavior”, shares Gary Weitzman, DVM, MPH, CAWA and author of the book Complete Guide to Pet Health, Behavior, and Happiness.

That’s why well made, durable and safe dog toys shaped as bones can be a great option for your dog. They are more natural looking and made to last. Some even have flavors to them.

Dog toys shaped as bones make more sense than letting your dog chew on wood sticks, since after doing that, they might start thinking it’s ok to chew on wooden furniture.

After all, if youcan chew on that piece of wood, why wouldn’t they be allowed to chew on the bigger piece of wood?

Welcome to dog logic!

Some bone shaped dog toys are also shaped in a way that makes it easier for the dog to hold while chewing. Fancy!

Durable Enrichment/Treat Dog Toys

Gary explains that “enrichment” toys and play serve as substitutes for the survival skills dogs were born to develop.

That’s why enrichment or interactive chew toys can be a great, durable option for dogs that are curious and love to chew on things.

Enrichment dog toys will keep pooches entertained and intrigued for long periods of time, while being rewarded and trained to chew on toys, not random things around the house.

Enrichment toys usually dispense treats and are chewable and throwable, ideal for dog chewers of all sizes.

Durable Plush Toys for Dogs

It’s common knowledge that dogs love plush toys. Many dogs even have a favorite plush toy they are really careful with and protective of. 

There are options of plush toys in different shapes and sizes made of safe materials, crafted with designated flexible “chew zones” and embroidered eyes that cannot be easily plucked off, at least by the teeth of medium or small-sized dogs.

Plush dog toys are also easy to grasp and soft, providing your dog comfort and a calming effect.

Tug-of-War Fetch Dog Toys

A great option for dogs (and owners) who love active play outside are durable fetch kind of toys.

These are dog toys that can come in different shapes, such as a 3 “headed” stick that you can throw and play “tug-of-war” with.

These fetch toys have durable, safe materials while still being lightweight, ideal for moderately tough chewers.

Rope Toys

Sometimes dogs like the simplest things. A rope toy might just be the one that they love.

Durable Throwable Toys

Dogs that love to chew on things are usually dogs full of energy, and not just physical energy; they might be feeling mentally bored.

You can use these toys to teach them tricks along with good behavior and praise and reward them.

For this reason, playing fetch and throwing toys is a good exercise that might calm their urges to chew aggressively while shifting their attention to new ways to play.

There are great options of toys that you can throw and play fetch with your dog, such as a frisbees and balls made of safe materials to chew on.

These toys are also flexible and come in different sizes.

If Your Dog Still Wants to Chew on Wood Sticks…

There are dog chew toys shaped as wood sticks on the market.

They are NOT made from wood, but they look, smell and even taste like the real thing!

You will be able to let your dog chew away while resting assured they are safe.

Photo by Caspar.