What Are Dog Strollers For And Would You Need One?

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There are nearly countless reasons dog owners use dog strollers to take their pets out for a walk—but this list narrows it down to the 9 most common reasons you might need a dog stroller.

So, what are dog strollers for and would you need one?

Written by Becca Choi, a passionate dog person and proud plant mom living in sunny Los Angeles.

Her first ever pet was a lovable Husky-Shepard mix named Marley, but her favorite breed will always be dachshunds!

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What are dog strollers?

Dog strollers are exactly what they sound like—a stroller for your dog.

Unlike strollers made for children, they often come with a mesh cover and leash clips to keep your dog safe and secure.

Although they are adorable, you might need a few more reasons to justify this pet purchase.

Without further ado, here are the 9 most common reasons you might need a dog stroller.

Your dog has limited mobility

One of the main reasons people buy dog strollers is that their dog has limited mobility.

If your dog is ill or elderly, a dog stroller provides your dog the freedom to enjoy fresh air and long walks without sacrificing their health, comfort, or safety.

You have limited mobility

Dog strollers can also make walking your dog easier if you are elderly or have limited mobility from an injury.

Most dog strollers are designed in such a way that pushing them is very, very easy, and you don’t have to worry about your dog tugging at their leash.

Your dog tires quickly on long walks

Just because you need or want a dog stroller doesn’t mean you or your dog must be physically impaired.

Sometimes, dogs just get lazy or tired on walks.

If your dog has ever laid down on the sidewalk for a break during a walk, you know what I mean.

You want to go for runs with your dog

Even healthy dogs will tire during a long run, especially if they’re a small breed.

Dog strollers allow you to give your dog a rest while continuing your run.

Dog strollers are just like pet carriers, but they’re easier on your body

Many people are choosing dog strollers over pet carriers because they work the same way.

The main difference is that dog strollers are easier on your back, neck, and shoulders. They also tend to offer more storage space.

Dog strollers make vet visits easier

Taking your dog to the vet isn’t usually pleasant or easy for your dog.

But with a dog stroller, you can help make them feel more comfortable, safe, and secure when visiting their vet.

Dog strollers raise your dog off the floor—where germs from sick pets may be waiting.

They also ensure your dog won’t misbehave or have any negative interactions with other pets.

You struggle to walk two dogs at the same time

Double doggy strollers are ideal for pet owners with multiple dogs, whether those pets tire easily or tend to be misbehaved on walks.

Either way, if you find walking with both your dogs a chore, consider investing in a double dog stroller that can contain them both.

You like attending events with your dog

Whether you’re heading to a festival, picnic, parade, outdoor concert, or block party, a dog stroller can come in handy.

Dog strollers can help soothe anxious dogs, contain high-energy dogs, and protect your pet from potentially dangerous situations—whether that’s trash, pests, other dogs, or crowded areas.

You live in a major city

Urban areas present various kinds of hazards to walking dogs.

From extreme temperatures that can injure a dog’s paw pads to unpredictable traffic, city life can be stressful on a dog’s body.

One solution? A dog stroller.

Next Steps: What are dog strollers for and would you need one?

Now that you know what are dog strollers and why most people invest in dog strollers, you might be looking for one of your own.

Whether you have a large dog, a small dog, or a small budget, this complete guide to the best dog strollers will help you choose the best dog stroller for you.

Ultimately, your decision to buy a dog stroller depends on your and your pet’s specific needs.

If you think your dog would be happier or healthier with a stroller, why not try it out?

Photo by Mark.