West Highland Terrier VS Yorkshire Terrier VS Scottish Terrier – Which Is The Best For You?

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Making a decision between a West Highland Terrier vs Yorkshire Terrier vs Scottish Terrier can be tricky.

But, whichever becomes a part of your household, you are sure to get a dog with bags of character!

They all share cute looks and fun personalities but are also quite different.

Find out what makes these pups such excellent life companions and which one is the best pick for you.

Written by Lita Luse, a lifestyle journalist and dog enthusiast.

Currently, she is an owner of two quirky Westies and an active mongrel.

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Westie VS Yorkie VS Scottie – what is the difference? 

Although all are terriers and therefore share some similarities, there is a significant difference between a West Highland Terrier, a Yorkshire Terrier, and a Scottish Terrier.

Let’s start with the stubborn but always playful Westies.

West Highland Terrier facts, traits, and temperament

 Centuries ago, nobles and farmers were disturbed by a serious problem – rodent infestation. They had to think of ways to protect their grains from destruction, that is why they created small dogs, which were good at exterminating rats.

This is how Westies – like other terriers – were made.

Although the detailed history of the beautiful white dogs is unclear, it seems that Scotland was the first place they appeared.

Height and weight of a Westie

As you can clearly see, Westies and Scotties come from the same small earth dog family.

Generally, they are almost the same size (10-11 inches), but Westies can sometimes be around one inch taller than Scotties.

They, in turn, are typically a little heavier than Westies and much bigger than Yorkies.

Since West Highland Terriers are not too big in size, they are excellent travel buddies.

In addition, Westies have much smaller ears than Scotties. What is more – they are always erect.

The coat of a Westie 

West Highland Terriers typically have double coats.

That means their outer coats are hard, while their undercoats are much softer to keep them warm.

As you can tell from their name, Westies are usually white (unless they are covered in mud after all of the adventuring).

Personality and temperament of a Westie

Loyal and loving, the Westie will be a perfect addition to every family. West Highland Terriers are very social and love to be the center of all attention.

They are active barkers, though, so they won’t pass the opportunity to express their opinion on whatever it might be – a bird, an old lady, or a cat.

Most Westies are more affectionate than Scotties, and – like Yorkies – they can’t stand being alone.

Scottish Terrier facts, traits, and temperament

 The story behind the origin of the Scottish Terrier is similar to Westie’s.

The quirky-looking dogs were created to hunt rats and badgers, sometimes also foxes.

As you can tell by the name, the Scottish Terrier was first bred in Scotland.

It seems that the loving breed was created before West Highland Terriers.

Height and weight of a Scottie

The cute breed is typically a bit shorter and heavier-boned than Westies.

Scotties also have a more inquisitive expression, which makes them look a bit more serious that Yorkies or West Highland Terriers.

The coat of a Scottie

Like West Highland Terriers, the Scottish Terrier also has a double coat, which was used to protect them in the cold Scottish environment.

Usually, they are black, brindle, or sometimes even wheaten in color.

Owners of Scotties really have to pay attention to their grooming.

Personality and temperament of a Scottie

Out of the three breeds, the Scottie is the most serious-minded.

The small but courageous breed has a playful side since they are terriers, after all.

But they do believe they are the boss of their owners therefore training them can sometimes be a challenge.

The funky breed can sometimes be suspicious of strangers and is not a big fan of other dogs.

For this reason, he will happily become your watchdog.

Yorkshire Terrier facts, traits, and temperament 

Yorkies were first bred already in the mid-1800s.

They were successful rat-catchers and also originated in Scotland – like Westies and Scotties.

Although Yorkies have some similarities with the two other breeds, they have many unique traits as well.

Height and weight of a Yorkie

Yorkies are typically much more miniature than Westies and Scotties.

They are usually 7-8 inches tall and weigh around seven pounds.

Some puppies are even smaller, but they are not considered the breed’s standard.

The coat of a Yorkie

On the market, you will find Yorkies in tan, grey, and black colors.

Unlike Scotties and Westies, Yorkies usually have a more silky coat.

It is more similar to human hair, which is why they are a good choice for people with allergies.

Personality and temperament of a Yorkie

The teddybear-look alikes are known for their energetic and playful character.

Yorkies love to be together with their owners, therefore, they often have separation anxiety.

For this reason, many people choose to have two Yorkshire Terriers so that they wouldn’t be as lonely.

Yorkies are also notorious barkers, but – compared to Westies – they are not as bad.

Photo by Egor.