[15] US City Names That Would Make Good Dog Names

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Having a hard time choosing a name for that pup you just brought home? I can’t say I’d blame you!

Picking that perfect name can be a challenge, that’s where having a theme can make the decision a little easier… and more fun!

A popular way to choose a dog name is to pick a city that you enjoy visiting.

Not sure which one you like the most? Well, keep reading to find our list of top 15 city names that will be a great name for your dog.

By Allison Salonko.

Allison is a Veterinary Technician in the state of Indiana. She graduated from International Business College and Vet Tech Institute of Indianapolis with a degree in Animal Science and Technology in 2011.

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#1 Raleigh

North Carolina is a state that is home to numerous beautiful beaches and vacation hot spots.

Those that enjoy spending their time on the shores soaking up the sun may find that the name Raleigh is quite fitting.

#2 Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona is a pretty sunny and hot place to live.

It makes sense that this scorching state earned the name after the bird that rises from its ashes in rebirth.

If you have a dog that has been through some tough times before finding their forever home, then maybe giving them the regal and powerful name, Phoenix would be quite fitting.

#3 Omaha

Nebraska may not be known for being a big vacation destination, the city of Omaha is still well known.

If you’re a football fan you may have heard the legend, Peyton Manning, shouting his signature “OMAHA” on the line when he played for Indianapolis.

American football fans will know what I’m talking about!

#4 Indy

Speaking of Indianapolis, the name Indy is a great one for dogs that enjoy spending their time adventuring and finding mischief. Why is that, you ask?

Well, the Indiana Jones movies were known for their explorations, action and crazy adventures!

What better name for a dog that can’t seem to quit finding the next big stick or digging in the mud for an old bone?

Also, if you’re a race fan, why not name your dog after the city that holds the biggest Nascar events in the US?

#5 Aspen

A city in Colorado, this beautiful place would make a great name for a sweet and cuddly companion that just can’t do enough activities with their favorite human.

Aspen is a great option for any carefree dog that has a sense of adventure!

#6 Jackson

Short for Jacksonville, this name fits most big dogs with big personalities. Not saying that you can’t name a little dog, Jackson, because that’s certainly not true!

Your young dog with lots of energy will be well suited to this handsome and strong name.

#7 Diego

San Diego is one of the most pet friendly cities in the US, so naming your dog after a favorite vacation destination would only make sense.

This city is full of adventure and activities for owners and their four-legged friends.

Don’t hesitate to name your dog after a place that is bursting with fun and fantastic beaches and parks.

#8 Miami

Are you a fan of the sun and the summer Florida beaches?

Then Miami would be a great choice for the name of your canine friend!

This city is full of culture, cuisine and of course, sand and salt water.

If you think your dog has the soul of a surfer, then you can’t go wrong with giving them the trendy name, Miami.

#9 Bronx

Bronx, named for a city in New York.

This title would be well suited to any dog, but especially one that is strong and powerful, but also independent and family oriented.

Your canine companion will turn heads with a name like Bronx.

#10 Dallas

A city in big ol’ Texas is Dallas.

This name would be fitting for several dogs of any age, breed or size.

This popular city is big and booming, so having a pup with a personality that fits would make it even more suitable.

#11 Vegas

Giving a dog the name Vegas probably means that they have a flashy and bright personality that is simply addictive.

The busy city of Las Vegas is one that attracts many and as most people have heard before, whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Let’s just say that we hope that your dog doesn’t enjoy gambling too.

#12 Nash

Short for the city of Nashville, this name is cute and would be fitting for most dogs of any personality type.

The city it’s named for is one that is a popular tourist attraction for music fans as it is the heart of many musicians and country singers alike.

#13 Memphis

Another city from Tennessee, Memphis is a name that just sounds cool.

If your dog is a chill boy that all of your friends and family admire, giving him a super cool name like Memphis would only make him that much more popular.

#14 Charlotte

Charlotte is a city in North Carolina that has been the home of many historical tours and other attractions for years.

This state is home to numerous dog parks and hiking trails, not to mention restaurants that are available for you and your dog to enjoy an afternoon meal at.

#15 Chicago

The windy city of Chicago is an excellent name, especially for a pet that might be a little shy. Get it? Many owners who have named their dog Chicago will call them Chi for short.

This beautiful city is full of history and incredible views of the great lakes above it.