Top Dog Startups That You Should Be Following in 2021/2022

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By Allison Salonko.

Allison is a Veterinary Technician in the state of Indiana. She graduated from International Business College and Vet Tech Institute of Indianapolis with a degree in Animal Science and Technology in 2011.

During the pandemic, the market for creating startups took off.

Especially ones for canines thanks to the rise in dog ownership.

There has been a surge in the number of people finding investors and creating their start-up dreams of creating individualized dog food, accessories and health care.

The pet care market broke the records and reached a staggering 100 billion dollars in sales in 2020.

Don’t think that you or your furry canine friend are locked into big corporate diets and boring toys and bowels.

Find a new start-up business that fits your needs and ideals, while also supporting them on their journey to success!

Pet Insurance – Protect Your Wallet And Your Four-Legged Friend

Pet insurance companies have been on the rise as well since last year. With several new businesses popping up that offer pet insurance, it can be tricky to sift through them all.

One that has really made an impression with its recent start-up is Bingo Pet Insurance.

Bingo Insurance

Bingo offers smart and easy-to-understand policies that cover several emergencies and conditions.

Their plans can be customized to fit the pet and owner’s budget and needs.

Plus, a large amount of financial backing that they have shows confidence from investors that this company will continue to grow and be progressive in the insurance marketplace.

Pawp, Inc.

Pawp is an unlimited telehealth service that connects you to veterinarians 24/7 for their medical advice and suggestions.

They will also help pay for any services that your pet may need up to 3000 dollars in their emergency protection fund.

Owners who have bought into this start-up companies ideas and services have said that “it was the best 19$ ever spent!”

Customizing Your Pet Diet Through Startup Companies

In the last decade, there has been a boom in the number of dog foods on the market. Literally hundreds of potential diets to feed.

So how do you decide which one suits your pet’s personal needs and your values as a pet parent?

That’s when new startup companies like …. come in handy.

Nom Nom

Nom Nom is a pet food startup company that came out last year. They also tout having veterinary nutritionists to back up their diets and ensure their quality.

They provide custom diets for both dogs and cats!

Nom Nom uses only locally and sustainably sourced ingredients that are cooked gently in order to avoid depleting the vegetables of their important health benefits.

They also ensure that they can confirm every step of your pet’s food preparation, all the way down to who packaged your finished product.

Not only is Nom Nom’s mission to provide a healthy and balanced diet for your pets, but they also guarantee that the packaging they use is 100% recyclable.

Many owners find this crucial in the mission to reduce their carbon footprint and provide a healthier planet for all.

Tracking Your Pet Online – Peace Of Mind For The Owner Of The Escape Artists

Tracking our children and family members with online mobile apps has become a growing trend and safety measure.

Recently more companies have been finding ways to track our pets too.

Surely, most pet owners have had their dog or cat get out of the yard or house without their knowledge and needed to know where they were.


That is when startup companies like Whistle provide owners with GPS locations of their furry family members who decided to take a stroll without permission.

They also have smart devices that can track and interpret your pet’s activity levels in order to help better understand a level of individualistic health care.

Dog Startups – New Up And Coming Companies

Since last year the world has changed a lot and companies are rolling through the times with new startups every day.

The next two have definitely found their niche.

Doggies In Town

Doggies in Town is a startup company that has made its focus on helping dog owners know what places they can take their canine friend.

That means, restaurants, stores and any businesses that have an open door to folks with their dogs.

Not only does Doggies in Town’s app show businesses that are dog friendly, but they also have a list of events, activities and services so all that you would want to know is conveniently at your fingertips.

Doggo Health

The startup company Doggo Health is here to help dog owners understand their pet’s medical symptoms so that they can better choose the next step in veterinary care.

Sometimes it’s not necessary to run to an emergency clinic right away but owners don’t always know that.

That’s where Doggo Health comes in for the assist.

Their list of veterinarians and technicians is happy to help dog owners triage their pet’s condition and point them in the right direction afterward.

After all, veterinary professionals are a much safer alternative to just listening to the first google page that owners come across.

Helping to Build a Better World

These businesses with regular people who have great ideas are what will help build a better and more progressive world.

Don’t become stuck buying from the big companies who aren’t there for the individual and branch out in the age of new and creative startups.


Photo by Steven Wei on Unsplash.