5 Tips For Keeping Your Dog Off Of The Couch & Furniture

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We always want our dog to be comfortable but many owners feel like they draw a line when it comes to their canine companion climbing up onto the furniture.

Whether that’s the couch, a recliner or even your bed, they leave hair, drool and sometimes even accidents on our expensive furniture.

By Allison Salonko.

Allison is a Veterinary Technician in the state of Indiana. She graduated from International Business College and Vet Tech Institute of Indianapolis with a degree in Animal Science and Technology in 2011.

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So, how can you keep them off of your nice sofa or bed and comforter?

I’ve got just the tips you need to keep your furniture safe from your dog’s paws and hair.

Tips For Keeping The Dog Off Of The Couch

I have 5 tips that I like to give owners when they are trying to teach their dog furniture boundaries.

I think that it’s better for your dog to stay on the floor or their bed and not on your furniture as this can cause unwanted behavioral issues like not giving strangers their space and even territorial aggression.

Here are my 5 tips and then I will elaborate on those below!

  • Stay consistent!
  • Their own comfy dog space
  • Make the couch less comfy
  • Train them
  • Reward them

How To Keep A Dog Off Of The Furniture?

Consistency is one of my first rules of training with dogs.

It’s the same for children too!

First of all, you must decide that the no furniture rule is going to stay.

Having the same rules with no exceptions is best for your pet.

They won’t be able to understand why they are allowed on the couch or bed sometimes and then other times they’re not.

Ensuring that your dog has a nice and comfortable spot for them to lay down is the best way to keep them off your furniture.

Sometimes dogs are stubborn and don’t want to give up such a superior napping spot.

Who can blame them?

I’d rather sit on the couch too, but rules are rules and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Look into finding your dog a nice dog bed – preferably with washable and removable cover.

There are hundreds of options out there for dog beds ranging from size, style, functionality and price, so there’s sure to be the perfect one out there for your doggo.

Tips For Keeping Dogs Off The Couch

Besides consistency, keeping them off the couch also requires training.

The two go hand in hand really.

Training your dog this rule will certainly help to keep them off of it most of the time, but I can almost guarantee that you will catch them red-pawed sleeping on the couch one day.

If this happens, simply teach them the “off” command.

It helps if you use a sweeping motion with your hand at the same time, teaching them both a verbal and visual command as well.

Help Keeping Dogs Off The Couch (And Staying Off!)

Along with training and consistency is rewarding your dog.

Rewarding your dog by staying off of the couch or leaving it upon command is something that your dog will learn quickly from and respond well to.

Try to keep down on the calories by using a very small treat or their kibble when you are dispensing a large amount of treats throughout the day.

Training is the best, especially when food is involved!

What To Do If Your Dog Keeps Sneaking Onto The Couch At Night (Or When You’re Not Home)?

The most annoying thing is when your dog wants to keep testing their furniture boundaries, even after training and corrections.

The best thing to suggest is to make the couch uncomfortable and awkward. 

Laying down baby gates, setting laundry baskets or putting car floor mats with the pokey end up are great deterrents for dogs who stubbornly won’t learn that the couch is not their resting area.

Keeping Your Dog Off Of The Couch – It Can Be Done!

Dogs are intelligent and our domesticated pups enjoy spending their time in the comfortable areas of the house.

Who can blame them?

Training dogs and establishing boundaries can be frustrating and difficult but with consistency and patience, you will be successful! 

Photo by Hayes.