4 Poodle Influencers to Follow on Social Media

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Written by Jen, proud owner of a 3-year-old Great Dane/Poodle mix named Luna, who is her once in a lifetime “heart dog.”

Jen specializes in the care and training of large dog breeds. She particularly enjoys working with Great Danes (for their big, goofy natures) and Poodles (for their intelligence).



At over 11K followers, these two fur babies have earned a top spot as Poodle influencers!

They hail from British Columbia, Canada but have followers all over the world who regularly like and comment.

Dreamy oceans views paired with lush temperate rainforest make @thepoodlegirls a #1 Poodle account to follow.



Who said old dogs can’t learn new tricks? Untrue, especially for Izzie.

This gentle soul is a 13-year-old rescue who now calls Louisiana home.

Izzie is a smaller Poodle with black curly ears and beady black eyes you can’t help but fall in love with.

With 4,700 followers, Izzie is showing everyone that senior dogs have just as much affection to give as young ones.



Duke is the name of this Insta influencer, but there are actually two dogs on the account.

Both are standard Poodles currently living down under in Sydney, Australia.

If you like the classic Poodle style, this is the Instagram account for you!  Duke is always dolled up. With puffy white fluff, he’s a Poodle fit for a princess.

However, Duke is more than just a pretty face. He also likes to get all dressed up and has a sense of humor. You are just as likely to see Duke strutting his stuff as you are to find him lounging on the couch.



New York City is home to lots of Poodles, including Jake! Being a certified therapy dog, Jake is known for his calm temperament. And at 11-years-old, that is quite the accomplishment.

He can often be found going on adventures to the library, taking selfies with his dad, and practicing agility in the backyard.

And Jake would be very happy if you joined his followers!

Whether you own a Poodle yourself, are thinking about getting one, or just enjoy learning about this wonderful dog breed, we hope you enjoy these social media recommendations!