[7] Most Dog Friendly Cities In The US To Visit With Your Pup

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When it comes to traveling with your dog in the US, it’s always important that you know where you are going and what that city’s policies are with pets.

Going to different states with your pet can be a risk if you aren’t aware of how many pet-friendly businesses and hotels are available in that city.

You would be wise to feel informed about where you are going with your pet, so let’s talk about which US cities are the best for traveling with your dog.

By Allison Salonko.

Allison is a Veterinary Technician in the state of Indiana. She graduated from International Business College and Vet Tech Institute of Indianapolis with a degree in Animal Science and Technology in 2011.

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#1 San Diego, California

With miles of shoreline and thousands of pet-friendly hotels, businesses, beaches and parks, San Diego is a hot spot for people visiting the beautiful state of California with their four-legged friend.

There are enough dog-friendly beaches to visit a new one everyday that you are there on your vacation!

Not only are there incredible sandy coasts to walk but there are hundreds of dog-approved hiking trails, dog parks and restaurants.

You won’t be out of place taking your companion with you everywhere while you are in the breathtaking city of San Diego.

#2 Austin, Texas

Another huge hotspot for dog owners that are visiting the big state of Texas is the bustling city of Austin.

You can expect nothing but the best for your canine companion as a majority of businesses and restaurants welcome dogs like they are customers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re deep into downtown Austin or enjoying some leisurely times at a place near the beach, you will find someone happy to welcome you and your pup.

You can find endless activities like kayaking, hiking, walking or swimming to do with your dog, so don’t be shy about exploring the area for exciting Austin adventures.

#3 Chattanooga, Tennessee

Downtown Chattanooga is bursting with beautiful walking paths and bridges that highlight the area’s incredible scenery.

After you’ve finished your walk around the main part of the city, you can easily find a restaurant that will welcome both you and your dog.

If you’re looking for some more adventure, you’ve come to the right city with numerous dog-friendly state parks, hiking trails and even pet-friendly ghost tours!

How cool is that?

#4 Denver, Colorado

Colorado isn’t skimping on the pet-friendly businesses and outdoor areas that you and your dog would be happy to explore.

Firstly, Colorado is one of the best STATES for dogs, so it’s no surprise that Denver hits this list.

This beautiful mountain state boasts how many dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, bars and even coffee shops are available for those that are looking for a good time with their canine companion.

#5 Portland, Oregon

If you’re looking for a pet-friendly vacation and lots of dog parks and adventure, then you will do well to visit Portland, Oregon.

This incredible city is proud to display the numbers of dog parks they have as well as the serene swimming areas that are available.

If you’ve got a water loving retriever, they will certainly appreciate the beautiful waters of Portland.

Once you’ve finished with your activities for the day, it won’t be hard to find a place to grab a bite to eat with your dog.

Some restaurants even have a dog-specific menu that includes dishes with chicken and beef.

#6 Bar Harbor, Maine

Maine is another state that comes in the top 3 of places to live, so when we say that Bar Harbor makes the list of best places to visit with dogs, that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Bar Harbor is home to one of the most pet-friendly national parks in the country, Acadia National Park.

In this New England city, dogs are welcome on buses and even certain boat tours!

There is also no shortage of dog-friendly restaurants and shops in the Bar Harbor area.

#7 Sedona, Arizona

The incredible scenic mountains of Arizona is enough to take your breath away.

Bringing your dogs to Sedona can be a memory you will both cherish as the vast hiking trails and dog-friendly hiking, camping and backpacking tours are a unique offer compared to other US cities.

Sedona Park even has specific areas meant for dogs of different ages and sizes to meet their physical limitations. There is even an area that is safe for off-leash explorations!

These Are My Top 7 US Cities To Visit With Your Dog

The US is full of amazing and beautiful places to see, but visiting certain areas with your dog could be a challenge.

If you’re looking to find that next perfect vacation destination with your dog, this list can help steer you in the right direction!

Photo by Kelly.