The BIG List Of Things To Get For A New Puppy – Top Essentials

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Written by Becca Choi, a passionate dog person and proud plant mom living in sunny Los Angeles.

Her first ever pet was a lovable Husky-Shepard mix named Marley, but her favorite breed will always be dachshunds!

In this big list of essential things to get for a new puppy, I’ll walk you through everything you need to make your new pet comfortable, happy, and healthy – from before day one even begins to beyond.

This ultimate puppy supplies list works for all sized puppies of every breed, color, and attitude.

So, whether you have your furry friend picked out already or you aren’t sure who you’ll bring home just yet, this list will work for you.

First, Pack a Car Bag to Bring Your New Puppy Home

Before you bring your puppy home, there are some essential items you’ll need to get that puppy home!

A Travel-Safe Puppy Crate or Seat Covers

Everyone travels with their puppies differently, and there’s no golden rule as to how you should transport your new puppy.

Some people prefer to carry their new puppy in their lap when they drive them home.

But, the safest method is to use a travel-safe dog crate.

Once your puppy gets older, you can travel with a doggy booster seat and doggy seatbelt.

But for now, your puppy is safest inside a crate.

If your puppy is going to be roaming around in the car, you should consider getting some car seat covers to protect your seats from any accidents.

Wipes and Towels

And speaking of accidents…. They happen.

And if (or more like when) they do, you’ll want to be prepared.

Pack some towels (paper or cloth, your choice) and some wet wipes in the car just in case.

Poop Bags

Do you know when your puppy is going to need to relieve themselves?

Me neither. So, be prepared.

Because they might decide it’s time once you get outside… or in their crate.

Either way, you’ll need poop bags on day one.

So, you might as well pack them in your new puppy car bag.

Puppy Supplies You Should Already Have at Home


Once you’ve gotten your new puppy home, it’s time to get them settled in.

A Harness

You need these essentials for any dog, especially a new puppy.

I recommend getting an adjustable harness you can attach the leash to.

Harnesses are safer and more comfortable for your puppy than attaching a leash to a collar.

Oh, and keep in mind that you should bring your puppy’s harness, collar, leash, and tags if you’re planning on taking your new puppy for a walk before you get them home!

A Leash

Leash training starts the day your puppy comes home–at least, it does if you want your puppy to be well-behaved on walks and in the house.

You might be tempted to get an extendable leash to give your puppy some freedom, but short leashes are better for training.

Here are some more tips from the AKC for leash training your new furry friend.

A Collar and Dog Tags

Even if you have a harness, you’ll probably want to get your dog a collar.

You might be thinking, isn’t a collar basically a fashion accessory if you don’t use it?

Yes. Yes, it is.

But this fashion accessory has a purpose, too.

It carries your dog’s tags, which can help bring your puppy home if they get lost.

Some pet owners also microchip their dogs.

Although this isn’t mandatory, it’s an option if you want an added layer of security.

A Crate with Comfy Bedding

Your puppy’s crate should be their safe place, not a prison.

Make it comfortable with a dog bed or some old bedding.

And, if you want to ensure your puppy’s joints stay strong and healthy for years to come, consider investing in an orthopedic bed

Oh, and don’t make this rookie mistake.

Do not buy a crate for the size your puppy is now.

Get a crate with room for them to grow so you won’t need to replace it later.

Food and Water Bowls

Before your puppy steps through your front door, make sure you have food and water bowls for them.

The best kinds of dog bowls are made of stainless steel with a non-skid rim on the bottom.

Again, buy bowls that give your puppy room to grow, especially if they’re a large breed.

You don’t want to buy too many things that your new puppy will outgrow in a few months.

Puppy Food

Of course, you need to feed your new puppy!

Now, deciding what (and how) to feed your puppy isn’t as simple as dry food versus wet food. Your puppy needs a lot of nutrients to promote healthy growth.

Make sure you get specially formulated puppy food and not just regular dog food. 

What to Buy After Your New Puppy Comes Home

Welcome to the next step!

You’ve successfully brought your puppy home, and now there are more expenses to plan for.

Vet Visits and Healthcare

Although this item isn’t necessarily a tangible thing, you should definitely plan to take your new puppy to the vet.

Your new puppy will visit the vet multiple times before they become a full-grown dog – and that’s just for regular care.

Dog Insurance

If something happens with your dog’s health, it can become an expensive bill fast.

So, I always recommend dog insurance if you can afford it.

Choosing the right dog insurance for your new puppy can be complicated, but this guide to dog insurance can help. 

Toys and Activities

Most dogs love toys, and all dogs need some excitement and activity in their lives!

You should get some toys before your new puppy comes home, but these items made it on the “after” section because you can expect to keep buying more toys as your puppy grows into a dog.

Food and Treats

Sometimes else you should budget for is more food and treats.

Keep in mind that your puppy is likely going to eat more as they age.

So, their food and treats might become more expensive as time goes on.

Dental Hygiene Supplies

Most dog owners think that their dog’s teeth will take care of themselves.

They’re wrong.

Dental care, which includes chew toys, vet checkups, and doggy toothbrushes, is essential to keep your dog’s gums and teeth healthy.

How to Use This Big List of Essential Things to Get for a New Puppy

You can use this list to guide you through your experience as a new puppy owner, from the day you bring your furry friend home to the day they grow into a full-sized dog!

Here’s a round-up of the items to add to your shopping lists.

For the day you bring your new puppy home, get:

When your puppy comes home, you should already have:

And as time goes on, you’ll need:

Photo by Ben Michel on Unsplash.