Indianapolis (Indy) City Dog & Cat Shelters

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Shelters, rescues and other facilities were built in order to house animals that need homes.

The purpose they serve is a humble and important one as there are hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats that don’t have a family to love and care for them.

The city of Indianapolis has several animal shelters available for people looking to adopt a pet into their forever home with them.

If you live in Indy and you’re searching for a dog or cat to make a part of your family, here is a list of the major shelters and rescues.

By Allison Salonko.

Allison is a Veterinary Technician in the state of Indiana. She graduated from International Business College and Vet Tech Institute of Indianapolis with a degree in Animal Science and Technology in 2011.

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The oldest and most well-known animal shelter in Indianapolis is IndyHumane.

This foundation was established in 1905 as a place for all needy pets, barnyard animals and people.

They have expanded and built themselves up from a tiny set of buildings on some old farmland to the established and respected animal shelter that the residents of Indy know today.

IndyHumane continues to stay involved in the community, organize important fundraising events and support the four-legged friends that deserve a loving home.



Rosie’s Southside Animal Shelter

Also just called Southside Animal Shelter, but it’s named for the important woman who’s compassion and kind heart established the foundation back in 1995.

Rosie rescued her first kitten in 1987 and everything took off from there.

She is known as an angel to long-time Southside residents who have stood by her side as she and her family and set of volunteers have built the foundation from scratch.

This shelter is a great option for Indianapolis residents who couldn’t drive up north to IndyHumane.



Indianapolis Animal Care Services

This facility is also referred to as Indianapolis Animal Care and Control.

This organization is not only a place for hundreds of stray dogs and cats in Marion County, but IACS is also who responds to calls of abuse, neglect and other issues of morals and ethics with animals.

IACS has also been known to take in farm animals and livestock in some situations.

Their services are a valuable resource for many Indianapolis residents as people can report stray pets, abuse situations and even give a cute little kitten or puppy their forever home.



Heaven After Hell Rescue

A newer organization than the three before it, Heaven After Hell Rescue used to handle primarily Pitbulls and other Bully breeds but that quickly turned into them accepting all dogs and cats.

Not only do they take in surrendered pets but they also make it their mission to go to any “high kill” shelters and pull those that are on the list to go next.

Their volunteers and employees are dedicated to the craft of nursing these sick, homeless animals back to health so they can go to their forever home.



Cats Haven

Cats Haven specifically deals with the rescue of only felines in Central Indiana.

This neat cat shelter is a mostly free-roaming establishment that will take in sick and stray cats, all ages and disabilities allowed.

They specialize in rehabilitating very old and debilitated felines, making it their mission to educate Indianapolis’s residents on quality of life and care for senior animals and cats.



Indianapolis Shelters Saving Animals

Like many cities in the United States, Indianapolis has plenty of animals that are in need of their forever home.

If you’re in the market for adopting a dog or a cat, then one of these Indy animal shelters will surely have the next perfect pet for you and your family!

Photo by McCollum.