Indianapolis Dog Parks You And Your Dog Are Sure To Love

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Spending some time outdoors is good for both owners and their canine companions. This is especially true after Indiana’s long, cold winters that sometimes seem to go all the way into April.

So, you’re looking for a fun place to spend some time with your dog.

Let’s go over some of Indianapolis’s best dog parks that locals like to recommend.

By Allison Salonko.

Allison is a Veterinary Technician in the state of Indiana. She graduated from International Business College and Vet Tech Institute of Indianapolis with a degree in Animal Science and Technology in 2011.

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#1 Broad Ripple Bark Park

Broad Ripple is a part of Indianapolis that has made a point to allow for more dog-friendly areas, such as restaurants, bars and dog parks.

The Broad Ripple Bark Park is a highly popular area for paying members to bring their dogs for some play, exercise and socialization. Your pup will certainly appreciate the large area for off-leash activities!

This dog park is owned by the city of Indianapolis and requires a “Pooch Pass” to have access for a year.

It is also required that your dog is up to date on all of the core vaccinations and bordetella.

One thing that I, and many other locals, complain about is that sometimes people aren’t the best at picking up after their dog.

Broad Ripple Bark Park can be found next to the Broad Ripple Park located at 1550 Broad Ripple Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana 46220.

#2 Gordon Gilmer Canine Companion Zone

This dog park is spacious and great for off-leash activities.

Not to mention it is associated with the lovely Eagle Creek Park, which is always a great place for families and their pet’s to get some much needed exercise and some fresh air.

Gordon Gilmer Dog Park has two sides, which owners find very valuable, as some dogs don’t always get along with others.

If you have a dog that needs a large place to stretch their legs and get some running out of their system, this would be the dog park for them!

This park is also owned by the city of Indianapolis, meaning that your “Pooch Pass” for the Broad Ripple Bark Park will work there as well.

This also means that your dog must be up-to-date on vaccinations before registering.

When taking my dog, I really found the place to be clean and well-kept, but some dogs didn’t seem like they should be off-leash as they couldn’t be controlled. But this is a risk at all dog parks.

Gordon Gilmer Dog Park is located in Eagle Creek at 7840 W. 56th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana.

#3 The Dog Park At Immanuel

This dog park was a much-needed addition to downtown Indianapolis and its dog-loving residents.

This fenced in dog park has two sides in case there is an issue with another pet. There is astroturf for those athletic dogs that need more traction and then real grass for the *ehem* fully necessary potty breaks.

Residents of downtown Indy are ecstatic to have such a beautiful and new dog park for their canine companions. Not to mention, it’s great for socializing and seeing all of your neighbors and their pups!

This park also requires that your dog be up-to-date on vaccinations and, of course, pet friendly.

The Dog Park at Immanuel is exactly what locals wanted.

When visiting with my dog, I noticed that it was truly one of the nicest in Indianapolis. And all of the dogs and people were friendly.

You can check out this park at 382 Prospect St, Indianapolis, Indiana 46225.

#4 Paul Ruster Park

Paul Ruster Park isn’t exclusively a dog park, but boy is it a popular place for canine companions to explore and play still!

Many families will bring their children and their dogs for some much needed fun outside.

While this park doesn’t necessarily have all of the fancy amenities that some dog parks do, this one still has a fenced area for safe, off-leash exploration and play time.

If your dog can be trusted to spend some time off of their leash and not be in a fenced area, then you and the pup can hit the trails and adventure through the woods, splashing through the creek and climbing the fallen logs.

While they don’t have strict vaccination requirements, it is always recommended that your dog be fully vaccinated before going to areas where they could be exposed to potential disease.

One of my dog’s favorite parts of this park was the wooded area with lots of wild animals smells to investigate.

You can visit the Paul Ruster Park at 11300 E. Prospect Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46239.

#5 Cardinal Bark Park

Located in Brownsburg, an up-and-coming town just outside of Indianapolis, the Cardinal Bark Park is a great addition to this busy and growing area.

Located close to B&O Trail, a popular walking trail, this park is easy to stop by after a bike ride or hike on the trail.

There are two parts to the Cardinal Bark Park, one side for larger dogs and another side for smaller dogs.

Many owners say that the place is very clean and owners and their pet’s are respectful of the space.

There are even water fountains for dogs and their people!

On top of being an excellent dog park, it is located next to a popular elementary school and its playground, making it a great place to take your kids and the dog on a nice day.

My dog loved all of the equipment that she could explore.

My favorite feature was the shaded area for me to relax and enjoy watching my dog play.

This park is also very clean! Check out the Cardinal Bark Park at 3432 Hornaday Road, Brownsburg, Indiana 46112.

Photo by Ben.