How To Stop Dog From Chewing Books?

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We all know dogs love to chew shoes, cables and expensive furniture. But some dogs are smarter than that: they want to chew and destroy books.

If you have an intellectual dog and feel like you can’t keep your books safe, then this article is for you. 

Here are different ways to stop your dog from chewing books (and other things)!

By Mila Bander.

Professional writer and researcher just as in love with dogs as the next girl. Has fostered/babysitted dogs for neighbors and loved every second of it.

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Why do Dogs Chew Books (and Other Things)?

To prevent and stop dogs from chewing objects such as books, it’s important to understand why they like to chew things in the first place.

Here are the 3 main reasons why dogs love to chew books and other objects.

Dogs are Curious

Dogs are basically cute and furry tracking machines.

They naturally smell, sniff and chew things to learn more about their environment.

This is usually healthy, but of course, it can become destructive or indicate that there is something wrong with the dog.

Dogs Get Bored

Dogs need a lot of stimulation everyday – especially bigger ones.

Sometimes, just going for a quick walk is not enough.

Dogs that are bored will start doing things to entertain themselves (such as going to one of your book shelves and picking a title to chew on).

When Puppy’s Teeth Are Growing, They Itch

Puppies simply chew on everything. But why does that happen?

The entire teething process is itchy and occasionally painful for the puppy.

And the only thing they can do to ease their discomfort is chewing.

It takes about eight months for the teething to stop.

Ways to Stop Your Dog from Chewing Books

Remember – according to Book Binding Workshops, unbound books or stapled pages are an easy catch for your dog! So you should not leave them around for sure.

As for books, here is a selection of the best ways to prevent and stop your dog from chewing books (and other objects that they shouldn’t be chewing, too).

Dog Proof Your Bookshelf

While there aren’t any specific dog proof bookshelves out there (yet), you can change your regular book shelf for one with doors (and maybe a lock) on.

You can also make access to your bookshelves harder by using fences around the bookshelves or pet playpens until your dog is trained not to chew books.

Keep Your Library Closed Off from Pets

If you have a spare room, you can put your books and shelves in a room, call it a library and just lock the door.

Your dogs don’t need access to all the rooms in the house, and your books will be safe in there.

You can almost hear your books whispering “thank you” to you.

Set Your Shelves High Up

While cats would take this as a challenge, dogs will probably ignore books that are hard to reach.

Leave Objects with Your Scent For Them

If the main problem is when you come back home and find books destroyed, your dog might be missing you and going for your favorite books – that have your scent – for comfort.

You can roll your dog’s toys and plushies between your hands and this will leave your scent on them.

Having soft calm music on a low volume can also help soothe an anxious puppy until you come back home.

Get Proper Chewing Toys

Sometimes, you just have to bribe your dog with toys for them to focus on something they can chew.

It’s honestly the best way to stop the inappropriate chewing.

From puppies to heavy chewers, it’s important to give the dog the right stimulation for their size and age.

There are lots of high-quality toys out there that your dog will love.

Give Them Toys with Food Inside

These are called mental stimulation toys because they don’t require the owner to play with the dog – they will entertain even a dog that’s alone, because they will be very busy trying to figure out how to get the food inside the toy.

Toys with food inside will be much more rewarding than chewing books, that’s for sure!

Train Your Dog to Chew Only Toys

You can start by playing with your dog using toys and never (ever!) using “normal” objects to interact with them.

You can also hide objects they like to chew for a while, and teach them to only chew toys. They might unlearn the chewing-books-and-slippers behavior after a while.

In this video from BrightDog Academy, a dog trainer teaches how to stop dog’s destructive chewing using toys:

Make a Diy Toy

If you need an immediate solution, you can find a few good ideas on diy toys for dogs; and making toys for your puppies might be easier than you think.

For example, to ease your puppy’s discomfort during their teething, you can take a small tower or piece of fabric and put in the freezer for a few minutes.

This will help soothe their gums.

Get Professional Training

If you have tried these tips above and still haven’t got the results you want, there are professional dog trainers out there that can help your dog in your specific situation.

Having a peaceful home is important, and getting your dogs professionally trained is an investment you might want to consider.

Photo by Sumit.