How to Choose a Bike Basket for Dog? 5 Tips

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With any pet product, choosing the right one for you and your pet is important not only for your pet’s safety but also for the enjoyment and use of the product.

This is especially true of a bike basket attached to a moving bicycle since your dog could be greatly harmed if he jumped or fell out of the basket, or if the basket fell off your bike.

This is why safety should be your priority when choosing a bike basket for your dog.

Written by Laryn Carter.

Laryn is a Clemson University alumna, with undergraduate studies focused on Animal and Veterinary Sciences.

As a life long animal lover raised on a family hobby farm, she has special interest in both pets and farm animals.

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A top on your bike basket works like the roof of a car, preventing anyone from jumping or falling out, and protecting from items falling from above.

Leash attachments work like seatbelts, keeping our dogs safely positioned where they should be, and more secure in case of an accident or crash.

Proper attachment of the bike basket to the bike is also important and should be done with straps, snaps, or buckles, like a child’s car seat.

It’s also important to consider the basket’s functionality and accessories.

This can include things like the materials used in the construction of the basket, how easy or difficult it is to wash, and your preferences for color, style, and overall appearance.

Baskets with a Top

One of the safest bike basket options is a basket with a built-in top or cover to prevent your dog from jumping out mid-ride.

This could be achieved in a variety of methods so long as the top clears the dog’s head or there is a hole for the dog’s head to stick out.

Baskets with a top that clears the dog’s head are typically made with some a wire or wooden frame.

They are sometimes, but not always covered to create a sunshade for your dog.

Baskets with a Leash Attachment

Another option for safe bike baskets is one with some type of leash or buckle attachment to properly secure your dog.

They will typically attach to your dog’s harness or collar to prevent them from jumping out of the basket and falling to the ground.

A leash attachment or buckle is made even safer when it connects to more than one location on the basket.

This can come in the form of a three-point attachment or multiple single straps on opposing sides of the bike basket.

Additionally, these attachments should be adjustable to account for your dog’s size.

Well-Secured Baskets

Even with safety features such as a covered top and leash attachment, your dog could be in grave danger if your bike basket is not strongly secured to your bicycle.

Many bike baskets feature a simple mount attachment, sometimes only two hooks over your handlebars, but this is simply not safe enough for our pets.

Well-secured bike baskets should feature multiple points of attachment on your bike, preferably by a loop, buckle, or snap rather than a hook.

A basket that is properly secured should have multiple points of attachment at various places on the basket, such as at the bottom, middle, and top of the basket.

High-Quality Materials

The material of your chosen bike basket will matter more than you may realize.

You should consider how strong or durable the material is since weak or flimsy materials will break and need to be replaced more frequently.

It should also be comfortable for your dog to sit or lay in, not itchy, scratchy, or too stuffy.

Additionally, you may want to choose a bike basket made from a material that is easy to wash.

Bonus points for any materials which are designed to promote visibility, or feature reflective strips.

Your Personal Preferences

After noting some of the important factors to consider when choosing a bike basket for your dog, the rest will come down to personal preference.

Maybe you are looking for a specific style or color, or for a bike basket built to sit behind you on the rear rack.

With such a big market, there are countless options for meeting the needs of you and your dog.

Just remember that your dog’s safety comes first, and all the other options should come after for happy and safe riding with your beloved furry friend.

Photo by Barbara.