How Do Dog Gates Work?

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Homes with puppies or areas that need to be animal free will often have dog gates set up to keep them into or out of approved parts of the house.

These gates are convenient and usually pretty easy to install, but how do dog gates work?

How exactly can they help you and your family?

By Allison Salonko.

Allison is a Veterinary Technician in the state of Indiana. She graduated from International Business College and Vet Tech Institute of Indianapolis with a degree in Animal Science and Technology in 2011.

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Why Should Owners Use A Dog Gate?

Dog gates are excellent resources for establishing boundaries, especially with puppies or dogs that are new to the home and your rules.

Not only do they keep a safe environment but they also are wonderful tools for potty training.

Some owners feel like dog gates are somewhat mean or shutting their dog out.

But keep in mind that this helpful aid is meant to only restrict harmful areas of the home and to encourage training and boundaries.

So How Do Dog Gates Help?

Dog gates help owners by giving dogs a safe space of their own, by keeping them in a designated area and by separating them from others.

Let’s dive more into each of these things.

Giving Your Dog A Safe Space

Dogs, especially puppies, can be curious creatures and that doesn’t always go away once they’re a few years old.

By giving your dog or pup a safe space all to themselves, then you are ensuring some peace of mind.

Many owners prefer to use a dog crate for when they leave the house but having a blocked off room with a dog gate is perfectly fine as well.

This gives them a little more space to stretch their legs and they have room to eat and drink.

If your dog is destructive or has accidents when in their gated off area then you may need to start using a crate until that behavior is gone.

Keeps Them In One Area Of The Home

Some homes are not easy to dog proof, so blocking off certain areas of your house may be necessary to protect your pet and your belongings.

Gates are an excellent tool for that!

Keeping Them Separated From Others

Dog gates are a wonderful way of creating a divide to keep them separated by others.

I have seen where owners keep a gate up to close the cat’s litter box off from the dog so they can’t help themselves to some tasty turds.

They will also help to keep your dog from jumping on company if you have the front door area gated off.

How Does A Free-Standing Pet Gate Work?

Most of the traditional baby or pet gates that you will find are ones that are either pressure mounted or drilled into the wall and fixed into place.

However, there are free-standing pet gates that don’t require hardware, drilling or pressure mounting.

The free-standing gate is exactly what it sounds like, a gate that stands on its own without any assistance.

These are great for travel and moving from room to room. These are often a great choice for people who have puppies.

Conclusion: How Do Dog Gates Work?

Dog gates are pretty simple and won’t usually cost an arm and a leg.

Whether you are using one permanently, temporarily or just while doing potty training, you will certainly find value in it keeping your home and dog safe.

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