8 Great Dane Clubs In The US Owners Should Consider Joining

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The only thing Great Dane owners enjoy more than one Great Dane…is two! Or three, four, or five… Yup, you get the idea.

There is nothing more fun than being surrounding by a large group of Great Danes. It’s hard to beat all those slobbery kisses!

But other than at yearly dog shows, where can somebody go to hang out with likeminded giant dog lovers?

The answer: join a Great Dane club.

Fortunately, there are dozens of totally “paw-some” Great Dane clubs in the US that are currently accepting members.

Dog clubs are a fantastic way to make doggy friends, learn new skills, broaden your social circle, and pick up breed specific knowledge.

Written by Jen, proud owner of a 3-year-old Great Dane/Poodle mix named Luna, who is her once in a lifetime “heart dog.”

Jen specializes in the care and training of large dog breeds. She particularly enjoys working with Great Danes (for their big, goofy natures) and Poodles (for their intelligence).

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Want to join a local Great Dane club?

These are some of the best Great Dane clubs spanning all across America.

Great Dane Club of America


First and foremost is the famous Great Dane Club of America.

This is the ultimate resource for all things purebred Great Dane related. Think of it like one stop shopping.

On their website, prospective club members can find a registry of breeders, upcoming shows, as well as GDCA affiliate clubs in all 50 of the US states.

According to their bio, the Great Dane Club of American is a “multifaceted organization that aides in the Health and Welfare of the Great Dane through scientific research which is funded by our well-organized Charitable Trust.”

Definitely worth checking out!

The Great Dane Club of California


With some of the nicest beaches in America, it’s no wonder so many Great Dane owners choose to live in sunny California.

Unsurprisingly, this state also boasts an awesome club. To join, applicants are asked to attend two meetings over the course of one calendar year. This way, they get to see what happens as a guest before becoming a full-fledged member. Smart, right?  

What I really love about this club is their newsletter. It comes out every month – for free! Fun events, club announcements, and awards are all shared in a convenient PDF format.  

Plus, they even have a cute little online store.

Great Dane-themed hoodies, baseball caps, t-shirts, and tote bags are all available for sale (at very reasonable prices).

Great Dane Club of Las Vegas

Facebook: Great Dane Club of Las Vegas

Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, this club is “dedicated to the preservation of breed type and overall advancement of the Great Danes breed.”

Even though they don’t have a website, their Facebook page is quite active, which makes this club a good match for Dane owners who enjoy sharing photos online and talking over social media.

They regularly participate in speciality shows too. With over 450 members, the Great Dane Club of Las Vegas is not to be missed.

Great Dane Club of Greater Dallas


Ya’ll from Texas?

Then consider becoming a member of the GDCGD!

This is hands down (or should I say paws-down?) one the finest Great Dane clubs in the US. Originally created in the 1960’s, they received accreditation from the American Kennel Club and are licensed to host trials in rally and obedience.

Best of all, this club is a goldmine of resources.

Everything from “Great Dane agility” videos to Care, Health, and Welfare guides, the Great Dane Club of Greater Dallas has dog owners covered from head to tail. 

Inland Northwest Great Dane Club


Those living in the Washington, Northern Idaho, and Western Montana regions simply cannot skip over this club.

In addition to having potluck style meetings, the Inland Northwest Great Dane Club is all about education and fun. Their website has an adorable photo album titled “Danes Having Fun!!!”

Though it is a smaller sized club, just recently in 2019, they hosted their first Annual Specialty Show. For pup parents in this area, this could be a wonderfully intimate community to join.

Great Dane Club of North Central Florida


Looking for a club that cares about all Great Danes, including rescues?

This could be it.

The Great Dane Club of North Central Florida has it all. Meetings happen monthly via live chat, giving dog owners an opportunity to ask questions, connect, and plan for future events. They also conduct sanctioned matches, specialty shows, obedience trials, etc.

You can tell this club deeply cares about Great Dane welfare. Their “education” page is truly topnotch.

Great Dane Club of Western New York


Great Danes are everywhere, including the Big Apple!

For city folk who share their home with a gentle giant, the GDCWNY is the cool place to be.

Established in 1947, this community has a ton to offer members. Educational seminars, shows, monthly meetings, and even a picnic.

Not to mention, an up-to-date breeder referral page makes searching for puppies a breeze.

Willamette Valley Great Dane Club


User-friendly website, a photo-savvy blog, and suggested product pages? For sure!

For Great Dane lovers located in Oregon, this club is a gem. Articles provide valuable information on topics such as Great Dane puppy and breeder information, rescue / re-homing resources, breeder directory, dog show vendors, and much more.

With decades of Great Dane ownership under their belts, this club also lists products they have personally vetted.

How awesome is that?

Photo by Martin.