Great Dane Blogs & Influencers You Should Totally Follow

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Written by Jen, proud owner of a 3-year-old Great Dane/Poodle mix named Luna, who is her once in a lifetime “heart dog.”

Jen specializes in the care and training of large dog breeds. She particularly enjoys working with Great Danes (for their big, goofy natures) and Poodles (for their intelligence).

I don’t know about you, but I spend way too much time looking at dogs on the internet.

Can you blame me? They are so cute! Plus, dog blogs can be a fantastic source of information that is both trustworthy and fun.

The people who run these websites are dog breed enthusiasts with a deep love of their pets.

Like me (and probably you) they are only too happy to share what they know with their community of followers.

Nowhere is this more apparent than with Great Dane pet influencers.

So, without further ado!

Danes Online

Hands down, this has got to be my personal favorite website.


Well, because it’s a space created by Great Dane owners for Great Dane owners.

For years, the forums have been a spot where people can ask questions, post photos, compare research, and connect with breeders.

Everything from health, diet, training, behavior, showing, and rescue is discussed in jampacked threads. And best of all? It’s interactive.

Everyone is welcome to join and participate.

I myself have become friends with other Great Dane owner thanks to this fabulous blogging platform.

Hello Danes

This is easily my second fav blog. The wonderful people behind Hello Danes have done an incredible job of creating a site that is

1) beautiful to look at

2) straightforward to navigate

3) loaded with helpful tips and tricks about Great Dane ownership.

Their page reads, “Together, we share a common goal of educating Dane owners and sharing the love for this amazing breed!

We are Dane lovers, advocates and believers. We believe in science, up-to-date information and loving every Great Dane in the world, no matter what.”

It’s totally true.

One of the highlights of this blog is a section titled “Living with Danes.” The articles that are shared provide no nonsense advice regarding what it’s like to share a home with these gentle giants.

The writers aren’t afraid to tackle big topics (like bloat, puppy issues, temperament, and behavior) but they do so in a way that is accessible and friendly.

In addition, Hello Danes supports rescue. There is an entire page on their blog dedicated solely to saving Great Danes and supporting ethical breeding.

I also really adore that they offer a newsletter, so you can keep up to date.

PKY Danes – The Big Dog Blog

Lastly, I urge you to have a look at The Big Dog Blog.

Run by PKY Danes in Texas, the content on this blog is unmatched.

Every single question you could possibly have about owning (or rather, being owned by) a Great Dane, chances are, somewhere on the site there is an answer.

Each blog post has been carefully crafted.

Whether you are a seasoned Great Dane mom/dad or have just recently fallen in love with this breed for the very first time, I guarantee you will learn something from reading their articles.

For example, The Big Dog Blog talks about topics such as: “Caring for Your Aging Great Dane,” “How to Stop Your Great Dane from Biting,” and “Showing Your Great Dane.”

Posts are well rounded and based on facts. The owners are experts in their field and have very generously chosen to share their knowledge for free.

But it’s not all so serious!

The Big Dog Blog also does an excellent job having fun. I am particularly fond of their sillier blogs.

For instance, “Teach Your Dane to Fetch You a Beer” and their “Goofball Gallery” filled with hilarious Great Dane pics of these dogs being their typical, clown-like selves is sure to make any reader giggle.

All 3 of these blogs are current. I suggest checking them out for yourself. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new favorite to follow!

Interested in Great Dane influencers on Instagram? We’ve got that too.

I get it. Sometimes, you’d rather just scroll through beautiful photos of Great Danes. I do the same thing!

So, to satisfy your desire for #dogstagram, here are my top 2 Great Dane Insta picks.


If harlequin Great Danes and stunning outdoor photography at beaches and in forests is what you like, be sure to visit Appa’s page.

He’s quite possibly one of the prettiest Great Danes on Instagram.


This isn’t one account so much as it is a collection for Great Dane fans. 

Every picture is pulled from a different influencer, meaning viewers get to see all kinds of Great Danes from all over the world.

What could possibly be better than that? 


Photo by David Kittel from Pexels.