Do You Need A Dog Stroller Or Wagon For Your Older Dog?

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When our canine companions age, we will eventually notice them slowing down.

This is typical, as arthritis will affect them one day, just like how it will change how long their walks are and the amount of exercise they can tolerate.

If you’ve got an older doggo who’s slowing down, but you want to know how you can still bring them along then look into using a dog stroller or pet wagon for your geriatric best buddy.

By Allison Salonko.

Allison is a Veterinary Technician in the state of Indiana. She graduated from International Business College and Vet Tech Institute of Indianapolis with a degree in Animal Science and Technology in 2011.

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The Big Question: Do You Need A Stroller For Your Dog?

The honest answer just depends on you, your dog, your lifestyle and the reason for looking into using a stroller or wagon.

Many owners who are wanting to find a way to still bring their aging dog on regular outings will find these easy to use transportation items as a major convenience.

Here are some of the reasons why you would need a stroller or wagon for your dog:

  • They have pain and difficulty traveling long (or sometimes even short) distances.
  • They are heavy and once they decide they can’t walk any further, then it’s either someone has to bring the car or you’re carrying your dog all the way home.
  • You want to include your dog on family outings that they can’t physically do anymore.

Your Dog Has Pain And Difficulty Walking

If your dog suffers from arthritis or some other physical restriction that keeps them from enjoying the daily walks they used to love.

Well, using a dog stroller or wagon introduces a way for owners to still get their regular exercise in and include their canine companion.

Even if they aren’t walking alongside them, it’s still always nice to have them with you.

Strollers are great for smaller dogs as pushing around a 70 lb Labrador might be difficult in a small stroller.

Now, that’s not to say that strollers for large dogs don’t exist, because they certainly do!

Check out this one, approved for dogs as big as a Golden Retriever.

Your Dog Is Heavy And Will Suddenly Stop Walking

Sometimes dogs that are older and of a larger breed will suddenly decide halfway through their evening walk that they are done for the day.

“Now it’s time for a rest and a lie down, but what about you?”

You shouldn’t be expected to wait until they decide to get up, so that’s where having a dog wagon can come in handy!

A dog wagon is large and can house a canine that is either too big for a stroller or you’d simply just prefer to avoid the snickering.

There are numerous brands and types of utility wagons that aren’t specifically meant for dogs but can certainly accomplish the same task.

If you want a wagon that is actually geared towards hauling around our four-legged friends, then check out this one on Amazon.

You Don’t Want Your Dog To Miss Out On The Fun

There is nothing worse than that sad, pitiful face your dog gives you before you and your family head out for a fun adventure.

When your old dog suddenly can’t keep up, that can mean that they have to miss out on some of these outings and that’s just not cool.

Using a dog stroller or wagon can be great opportunities to still include your old pup again.

Conclusion: Do You Need A Dog Stroller Or Wagon?

At the end of the day, it really just depends on how much you’d like your geriatric pup to be involved in outings and excursions.

If a stroller or wagon means that you can cart along your four-legged friend and keep them safe and happy, then I don’t see why not!

Photo by Kanashi.