Dog Litter Boxes VS Dog Pee Pads

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Are you training a young puppy? Or maybe have a senior dog that struggles more and more to go outside to do their business?

Then a dog litter box or a dog pee pad might be just what you and your pooch need.

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Here, we’ll give the answers that you and other dog parents have asked about dog pee pads vs. dog litter boxes.

In this article, you’ll read about what sort of dog can use a litter box and how you can make using them a more comfortable experience for your pup.

What is a dog litter box?

A dog litter box is almost the same as a cat litter box but with a couple of nuances.

The dog litter boxes need a distinctive smell to ensure your dogs won’t confuse them for another area, and for that these boxes use paper or some wood chips.

Dog owners or dog parents can use a dog litter box instead of taking their dogs outside to do their business or using a doggy pee pad.

You can place a doggy pee pad inside a dog litter box in some cases.

What is a dog pee pad?

Now that you know what a dog litter box is, you might wonder what a dog pee pad is?

A dog pee pad is simply a pad that absorbs moisture that can absorb your dog’s urine.

You can use a dog pee pad to potty train a young puppy or dog.

A dog pee pad is convenient when it comes to puppy training.

Puppies still don’t know how to let their owners know they need to use the bathroom. During this period you can use the pee pad to avoid smelly messes on the floor.

The dog pee pad isn’t just for young pups though. These pads are also a useful option for someone who has senior dogs or dogs with health issues. These dogs might not be able to go outside all the time to do their business.

The dog pee pad will absorb your dog’s urine like a sponge.

Once the urine has been absorbed, you won’t have to worry about the odor because it will be concealed in a leak-proof layer.

There are dog pee pads on the market with a leak-proof plastic liner. The liner will ensure that the urine doesn’t soak into the floor. Other pee pads will turn the urine into a quick-drying gel so the pad will stay dry.

Is litter box training a dog a good idea?

You might wonder if a dog litter box or dog pee pad is right for your dog.

In fairness, the dog litter boxes and dog pee pads aren’t suitable for all dogs.

A dog litter box can be a handy and affordable option if you have a small and calm dog.

If you have a large dog, you might want to reconsider getting a litter box for them. In most cases, dog litter boxes were made for cats and small dogs in mind.

Also, if you have a restless dog that likes to dig holes, it might lead to a bigger mess in your home.

A dog litter box can be a handy and affordable option if you have a small and calm dog.

How to train your puppy for a litter box?

So now you might be wondering about training your pup to use a litter box or even a pee pad.

Sadly, this isn’t something that will just happen overnight.

You’ll have to work with your pup to help them understand what you expect from them.

You can do this by training your pup the same way you’d typically house train them.

The main difference will be that instead of taking them outside to go potty, you’ll be directing them to the litter box.

Some experts suggest that you place a urine-soaked piece of paper or poop in the dog litter box – so your pup can understand that the box is their toilet.

You will need to make sure that you get a litter box that is big enough for your dog.

You need to ensure that your pup can effortlessly turn around because most dogs enjoy turning circles before they go potty.

When you’re training your dog to use a litter box, you need to make sure that you reward good behavior.

Give them praise for going potty in the litter box and give them plenty of treats when they’re done.

What should you put in your puppy’s litter box?

Dog litter boxes don’t always need to be filled with litter. It’s not helpful to have litter in the box, especially if your dog doesn’t like using this surface.

You can fill your dog’s litter box with recycled paper.

In some cases, dogs might prefer recycled paper to what typically fills a litter box. It will still be safe for your dog to eat a small amount of paper.

The paper will also make it easier to scoop any poop left behind.

If you have already been using newspaper or pee pads for your dog, you can use them to line your dog’s litter box.

In some cases, you might want to change it to litter over time. 

Can you use puppy pads in a litter box?

The simple answer is yes. You can use puppy pee pads in your dog’s litter box.

You can place them around the litter box.

Final thoughts

Dog litter boxes and dog pee pads are convenient for owners with young pups and senior dogs who can’t go outside.

Both can be used together to ensure that there is very little mess after your puppy has gone potty.

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