Do Dog Ramps Work? And How To Train Your Dog To Use Them

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Dog ramps are an excellent addition to many homes that have old dogs, small dogs, short dogs… basically ANY dog! They can be beneficial for many reasons but some owners may feel skeptical and wonder: do dog ramps really work? How do you get your dog to use them?

If you’ve been considering bringing a dog ramp into your home for one reason or another but somethings been holding you back, then this article should help to clear up any questions.

By Allison Salonko.

Allison is a Veterinary Technician in the state of Indiana. She graduated from International Business College and Vet Tech Institute of Indianapolis with a degree in Animal Science and Technology in 2011.

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So, Do Dog Ramps Really Work? 

A dog ramp will allow your pet, big or small, to have access to furniture like beds, couches and even vehicles.

Dogs that are geriatric, chronically painful or disabled benefit the most from using dog ramps as they provide a safer method for climbing furniture or getting in and out of a vehicle.

Veterinary professionals believe that pet ramps are an excellent way to prevent potential injuries from awkwardly falling off of furniture.

Even if they manage to somewhat gracefully get onto or off of the couch or bed, it is possible that they can still injure themselves.

Should You Get A Ramp For Your Dog? What To Look For

If you have a dog, no matter the size, it would serve you well to have a ramp at some point or another.

The purpose may be for your small dog, so they have easier access to the bed or for your older large breed who just wants to cuddle on the couch but can’t jump anymore.

Things to look for when searching for a dog ramp are:


Make sure you can fold it up and move it around easily.

Perfect height 

important that the ramp reaches the furniture intended and the back of a vehicle.

Non-slip surface 

an anti-skid or non-slip surface is crucial for preventing slips and falls.

However, the one trick to pet ramps is that not all dogs understand how to use them right away.

Training them on the proper way to climb up and down the ramp is more important than you’d think!

An unsure dog may fall right off or refuse to use it out of fear of toppling over.

Training Your Dog On How To Use A Ramp

Like all training, teaching your dog to use a ramp will take a little patience and some treats.

The idea is to get your dog to confidently and safely use the ramp, even when you’re not around.

You can help your pet feel more comfortable with their new ramp by having them walk up and down it with your assistance and some yummy snacks until they are proficient and comfortable.

Positive reinforcement will go a long way.

Also, this will help you understand if the ramp is sturdy enough or in the right place for your dog to safely use.

Do Dog Ramps Work?

Dog ramps certainly work and are an excellent idea for most households.

If your dog seems to be slowing down or you want to give your Dachshund a safe way to access the couch, then consider purchasing a dog ramp.

These excellent tools help keep our dogs from unnecessary injuries as well as safe and easy access to their favorite cuddle areas of the house.

Photo by Suzy.