6 DIY Dog Toy Ideas To Make At Home

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How many times have you woken up to go to the bathroom only to step on something that squeaks?

Any dog parent will attest to the fact that having a dog is like having a young child – toys will be everywhere!

There are many reasons why dog toys are important for your furry friend.

Toys can help with boredom, provide mental stimulation, and can even assist in training.

Not to mention, they’re a great way for you and your dog to bond!

By Adeline Ee.

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Instead of heading to the pet store to buy an expensive toy that your pooch might rip apart in seconds, why not make your own?

Not only is it cheap fun, but it is extremely rewarding to see your canine best friend mess around one of your creations.

And if they destroy it, as they are want to do, no problem, just make another! 

Here are some of the DIY dog toy ideas that will keep you, and your canine, entertained for hours! 

1. Tennis Ball Treat Toy

Using items commonly found in your house, you can make this quick and easy treat toy to stimulate and motivate your pup!

All you need for this is a tennis ball, a knife, and kibble or small treats.

Carefully take the knife and cut along the seam of the tennis ball.

The opening of the ball can be modified to whatever length best suits your dog, but a good starting size is around two to three inches.

Once the opening is cut, place kibble or treats inside and give it to your pup.

Then watch as your dog tries to figure out how to get the treats out!

Some dogs may be quick to figure it out, but others might take a longer time.

2. T-Shirt Rope Toy

Before you throw out old t-shirts, consider using them to make a new toy for your fur baby.

All you need is a few old shirts, scissors, and a ruler or measuring tape. You can even mix and match colors from different shirts to create multi-colored toys.

Cut up the shirts into long strips from the torso part of the shirt and then gather them up. Save the sleeves to use as smaller strips for ties.

Each rope toy uses about 2 t-shirts worth of fabric strips.

Take the bundles of strips and tie them together at the top with the smaller fabric strips.

Divide up the strips into three sections and braid until you get to the end, and tie just like the top!

Depending on how strong your dog is, you may want to tie the tassels into a larger knot at the bottom instead of just using another strip to tie off the end.

This fun toy is easy and inexpensive to make!

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3. Crinkly Bottle T-Shirt Toy

Some dogs absolutely love the crinkly sounds from a plastic bag or water bottle.

You will need a dry plastic water bottle and a t-shirt. 

Depending on how loud you want the toy to be, you can remove the water bottle cap to make it even louder! 

First, take the shirt and cut the sleeves off and four inches off the base of the shirt.

Cut off the seams from each piece as well, then cut the sleeves and a 4 inch strip into 1 inch strips. 

Take the water bottle and put it on the shirt to see how much space is needed for the bottle. 

Take the excess of the shirt below the bottle and cut into thin strips – be sure to leave enough space for the bottle to fit on the top! 

Roll the bottle up inside the shirt and use the strips cut earlier to tie up the ends, leaving the tassels under the bottle free to dangle. 

This will provide a lot of entertainment and fun for dogs who love noise-making toys!

4. PVC Puzzle Feeder

Food-motivated dogs love puzzle toys to help stimulate their brains and make their treats more interactive.

This simple puzzle feeder can provide a durable and fun treat feeder for your pup!

All you need is a PVC pipe, two PVC caps, sandpaper, and a drill.

Take the pipe and drill random holes all around it.

Make sure they are big enough for kibble or treats to come out of!

Take the sandpaper if needed and sand down any rough edges of the holes to protect your dog.

Secure one end with a cap, and fill with kibble or treats before securing the other end.

Then just give it to your dog and watch them try to get all the treats out!

5. Denim Doughnut Toy

This quick and easy toy requires only two things, some old jeans, and a pair of scissors.

Simply take the jeans and cut off the leg and one strip.

Take the leg of the jeans and roll it into a tight doughnut shape.

Then take the long strip of denim and tie it around the circle and tie the ends together.

Denim is a durable material that is great for dog toys, and this toy only takes a few minutes to craft!

You can even take more strips and tie them around the doughnut to add more tassels, or tie it to a braided t-shirt rope!

6. Fishing Pole

You’ll need a pair of scissors, a drill, a 2.5 foot PVC pipe, 6 feet on paracord, and any dog toy that can be tied to a cord.

Take the drill and drill a small hole in one end of the pipe and tie a strong knot.

You can leave as much paracord hanging as you want, but can use excess to wrap around the end to create a handle.

It would be good to burn the ends of the paracord to prevent fraying as well. After that, all that is needed is to tie the dog toy to the end of the string.

Watch your pup jump, chase, and tug on this fun new toy!

Dog toys don’t have to be fancy affairs.

After all, many dogs spend endless hours chewing happily on a stick or bone.

By making your own DIY dog toys, you can reuse old things around home, save some money and spend it spoiling your pooch another way!

Photo by Mylene.