17 Popular Brazilian & Brazilian-Portuguese Dog Names And Meanings: Know Why They’re So Loved And Their Meaning

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Choosing a name for your dog can be a challenging task: you don’t want to overthink it, but don’t want to choose something you don’t resonate with either.

In this post, I’ll share the most popular Brazilian dog names for females and males according to official rankings.

And while some of them are actually used in English, some of them are original Brazilian Portuguese names.

If you’re thinking about a name for your new friend, you might just find the unique dog name you were looking for in this post!

I’ll also share why these Brazilian Portuguese dog names are so special and so popular in Brazil, and interesting facts about them, as well as their meaning.

You will learn about the true meaning behind the names and a bit of Brazilian culture as well.

By Mila Bander.

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You will notice a lot of these names are short and some of them are in English, but still hold a lot of meaning to Brazilians (for Brazilian reasons).

Note that the ranking of the names might change over time.

Enjoy your fun read!

Top 6 Popular Brazilian Dog Names for Female Dogs


“Mel” is the number 1 most common Brazilian name for female dogs. “Mel” means “honey” in Brazilian Portuguese.

It’s a short, sweet (ba dum tss!) and cute name for cute female dogs.

The most popular dogs in Brazil are small dogs, so the name Mel is probably used a lot to call these petite sized cuties.

Most dogs named “Mel” are orangey or yellowy in color, but I’ve personally known a bunch of female dogs named “Mel”, and one of them wasn’t orange or yellow; the owner just thought the name was cute!


Nina is the 2nd most popular name for female dogs in Brazil as of 2020.

‘Nina’ has a few meanings.

But when it’s used to name a dog, it usually comes from the last part of the Portuguese words “pequenina” (small) and also “menina” (girl); ‘nina’ simply means small, tiny girl.

The name can also be used to name male dogs, as ‘nino’, derived from ‘pequenino’ (small) and ‘menino’ (boy).


Luna is the 3nd most common name used for female dogs in Brazil.

Both in Brazilian Portuguese and English, the name “Luna” is related to the moon and the night.

But this name is also a pretty, short name to call your female dog.

This might be the perfect name for a dog that’s black & white, black or entirely white.

But of course, any female dog can be called by this beautiful name.

It transmits a lovely feeling of tranquility and beauty that’s hard to explain with words that aren’t simply: Luna.

Meg or Maggie

One of my best friends in high school in Brazil had a cute female dog with this name: and she’s not the only one.

“Maggie” is the 4th most commonly used dog name for female dogs in Brazil.

Lots of Brazilians choose this name because it sounds not only cute and sophisticated, but also a bit funny and happy.

The truth is, English names are a thing in Brazil, especially among families who travel or work abroad.

“Maggie” is a diminutive or nickname for the name “Margareth”.

It came from the Greek word “Margarítes”, which means “pearl”.

But “Maggie” also sounds a bit like “Maddy”. Which alludes a little bit to a personality that’s sweet, but also spontaneous.


“Amora” is one of the most popular female dog names in Brazil. It’s a medium sized name that will fit any female dog.

“Amora” is pronounced (roughly speaking) as: uh-moh-ruh.

About the meaning of the name, in Brazilian Portuguese, the fruit blackberry is called amora.

Any female dog named Amora will have a lovely, sweet name!


This is another commonly used short name for female dogs in Brazil. It’s a common name among female French bulldogs and pugs.

When used to call a female dog, this name doesn’t really carry a meaning with it (even though it’s derived from another name, “Dolores”); it’s simply a cute, short name that’s also easy to call.

Chances are, a dog will learn their own name and to respond to it more easily when being called if the name is short and easy to pronounce.

That’s why “Lola” is a good name for a female dog!

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Top 6 Popular Dog Names For Male Dogs in Brazil


This isn’t a Brazilian name, but it’s the most popular dog name for male dogs in Brazil. “Thor”, of course, is the name of the mythological god.

Marvel movies and their heroes are very popular in Brazil, which inspired dog owners around the country to name their male dogs after a character they consider brave.

“Thor” is a name that just sounds STRONG! 


This name can be used either a bit ironically for a tiny dog, or more intentionally for a larger dog.


This is the 2nd most popular dog name for male dogs in Brazil, as of 2020.

The name ‘Luke’ is the English version of a popular Brazilian name: Lucas.

‘Luke’ suits a friendly male dog very well.

It sounds lighthearted and fun.

The name also alludes, of course, to Luke Skywalker, from the Star Wars series, that is also very popular on Brazilian lands.


This is another easy to call, easy-to-teach-your-dog name that’s very popular in Brazil: Bob.

Bob is one of the most commonly used male dog names in Brazil.

The name “Bob” comes from “Robert” or “Roberto” and means “glory or glorious”.

It can also, of course, come from the singer Bob Marley.

But when used to name dogs in Brazil, it’s also just a simple name for a cute and good boi!

There are many dogs named “Bob” in Brazil, big and small, from different breeds; this name holds no discrimination.


The name ‘Fred’ is 4th on the list of most popular dog names in Brazil.

Although ‘Fred’ can be shortened to the Portuguese name ‘Frederico,’ ‘Fred’ is an American name. This name’s popularity in Brazil may be due to the popularity of American movies and TV shows.

It’s also a short, easy-to-call name, and it will go well with any male dog.


The name Billy is 5th on the list.

Although it sounds cute, this name comes from the name ‘William’, and it means “resolute protector”.

It’s a short, cute name that will suit any male dog.

Fun fact: there is a not-so-well-known French dog breed called ‘Billy’.


Marley is 6th on the list of most popular dog names in Brazil.

It’s no secret the name ‘Marley’ has become widely popular all around the world after publication of the book and even more after release of the movie ‘Marley & Me’. In Brazil, it’s no different.

The name Marley will suit any dog really well, and especially, of course, a Golden Retriever.

Top Popular Brazilian Portuguese Dog Names

Below, you will find dog names that are very popular and common in Brazil; and they are of original Portuguese origin.  

Bidu and Floquinho

These male dog names hold a lot of meaning to Brazilians.

Both of these dog names come from the most popular Brazilian comics: the “Turma da Mônica” comics, from comic artist Mauricio de Sousa.


Bidu is the the first character Mauricio created, in 1960. It’s a blue dog that everybody loves.


Floquinho is the name of a very funny green dog that belongs to one of the most popular comic characters created by Mauricio, “Cebolinha”.

Both of these male dog names are beloved and recognized by Brazilians as very special names. These characters live in our hearts rent free.


Princesa is a very common name among dogs with owners and also stray dogs.

How does that work?

Stray dogs in Brazil usually belong to the entire neighborhood or at least a few kind hearted people who decided to collectively care for the dog.

“Princesa” is a common Brazilian name used to call female dogs; you can’t go wrong with this name.

It simply means “princess”, and every female dog is indeed a princess!

This name is just as cute than the “princesas” themselves!


This name is actually 7th on the list of most popular female dog names in Brazil. It’s a cute name with a cute meaning.

‘Belinha’ is diminutive of ‘Bela’, which means “Beautiful” or “Beauteous”, in Brazilian Portuguese.

Isn’t it a lovely name to call a small female dog?

That’s why this is such a popular female dog name in Brazil.


Of all the names on this list, “Paçoca” is the most Brazilian name a dog can have. “Paçoca” is the name of a popular Brazilian candy made from peanuts.

Most Brazilians LOVE this candy (me included!), and many of them decide to name their dog after this beloved candy.

The dog name “Paçoca” works well with both female and male dogs, but it’s most commonly used to name female dogs; probably because in Brazilian Portuguese this word is considered a feminine word.  

The word ‘paçoca’ is derived from the Brazilian indigenous Tupi language.

It is pronounced (roughly speaking) as “Puh-sol-ka”.

If you’re not Brazilian and can work around the pronunciation of this interesting word, “Paçoca” is a very joyful, lighthearted name to call your dog.

Photo of Salvador, Brazil by Soel.