The Best Pet Stairs & Pet Steps For Dogs: Saving Their Backs And Ours

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Dog stairs are becoming more common in households with older dogs or with those pups that have orthopedic or back issues.

There are many reasons why someone would need to provide their pet with a few steps up to get onto the couch or the bed at night.

The internet is full of available options for pet stairs and steps, so I’ve taken the time to filter through them to narrow down what I think is the best out there.

By Allison Salonko.

Allison is a Veterinary Technician in the state of Indiana. She graduated from International Business College and Vet Tech Institute of Indianapolis with a degree in Animal Science and Technology in 2011.

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Why Should You Get Pet Stairs For Your Dog?

I recommend that owners purchase pet stairs for the dog if they are a breed prone to back injuries like Dachshunds, Yorkies and French Bulldogs.

Sometimes their pet is just getting old and in need of assistance when it comes to getting into bed.

Other times, the dog has suffered back injuries and we are trying to prevent them from doing more damage.

Don’t hesitate to introduce a set of stairs into the household, especially if your dog or cat is getting up there in age and just needs a little extra help.

My top 3 choices for pet dog stairs are:

PetFusion Fold Away Multi-Purpose Pet Stairs

PetFusion Fold Away Stairs

Clever and stylish, these steps can be discreetly hidden inside the ottoman and there is also a storage compartment on top.

The cushion on top also is removable and has a washable cover.

PetGear Easy Step Extra Wide (for large dogs)

PetGear Easy Step Stairs

Sturdy and practical, these extra wide steps are perfect for large and giant breed dogs.

MEWANG Foldable Pet Stairs

Foldable Pet Stairs

Dual design, can be converted into a ramp. Transported easily and nice for vehicles.

PetFusion Fold Away Multi-Purpose Pet Stairs

These fold away stairs by PetFusion are a stylish, smart and functional piece of furniture.

These steps can be folded up into the ottoman and concealed for whenever you need more space or your pet isn’t using them.

The top of it even includes an area for storage of toys and bones!

This design is sleek and intelligent, finding ways to bring functionality, convenience and storage to your living room.

The multi-purpose stairs are built for dogs up to 35 lbs.

The upholstery is a carpet-like material that can be easily vacuumed or wiped off when dirty. The lid on top has a cushion with a removable and washable cover for those that like to sit and use it as a perch or window seat.

This set of stairs was by far my favorite! Too bad it can’t work for all sizes of dogs.

Zinus 2 Step Easy Pet Stairs

The Zinus Easy Pet Stairs are a wonderful way of helping your dogs ranging from small to large get up onto their favorite spot on the bed or couch.

You will find it easy, with a few tries at least, to get your dog to use these soft and durable steps.

You can purchase these stairs with a number of steps in them. Like either 2, 3 or 4, depending on how tall your furniture is. They offer them in different widths and sizes as well!

These steps are guaranteed to not only be functional but also comfortable.

The inside consists of the CertiPUR – US certified foam interior.

Not only that, but the fuzzy outer layer actually comes off so that it can be washed.

PetGear Easy Step Extra Wide

These stairs are heavy duty and an excellent option for those with large and giant breed dogs.

They can withstand up to 200 lbs and have rubber grippers on the bottom to help hold them in place so they don’t slip when your dog is using them.

The majority of the stairs are plastic with carpet padding on the top of each step. These can be removed and run through the wash.

Assembly is a breeze as well, simply just snap their steps together and that’s it!

You know that you are improving your pet’s joint health and overall comfort levels by providing them with something to help them get onto and off of furniture.

Our older giant breeds really suffer from joint pain as they age and these extra wide steps allow for our largest of dogs to comfortably use the stairs.

PetGear Easy Steps Cocoa (Step 3)

Another set of stairs by PetGear, the Easy Steps Cocoa are quite similar to the ones mentioned before it but a slightly different size.

This set is not as wide as the Extra Wide, but has similar components otherwise.

They can still support up to 150 lbs and snap easily together.

The carpet on these stairs can be removed and washed as well.

High Density Foam Pet Steps (3 Tiers)

This set of High Density Foam Pet Steps is one that is advertised to be good for older dogs or those that are recovering from an injury.

The soft, yet dense foam is strong and comfortable, allowing for an easy balance and step up onto your furniture.

The outer cover is made of corduroy, which should allow for more traction than some brands of stairs.

Washable but not Waterproof

The cover comes off and can be washed, it is not, however, waterproof.

These stairs are lightweight and super easy to assemble, as the stairs come vacuum sealed and puff up once removed from the package.

All you have to do is put the cover on once it rebounds all the way.

MEWANG Wooden Foldable Pet Stairs

These Foldable Pet Stairs by MEWANG are a super clever and convenient design.

They can convert to a ramp if necessary  – in just a flash!

Not to mention they fold up quickly and easily and can be used in the house or on the road for getting into and out of a vehicle.

Their super sturdy design can handle even heavier-than-average dogs and their carpeted steps allow for traction and comfort on your pet’s paws.

These stairs can be beneficial for sick, injured, old or just any dog for any reason.

Bringing steps into a dog’s life can really help alleviate tension and discomfort in their back and shoulders and make getting up and down off of furniture a much easier and safer task.

PetSafe CozyUp Folding Pet Steps

The CozyUp Folding Pet Steps are convenient and durable. They can support a dog up to 200 lbs depending on which size you purchase.

These stairs can be quickly and easily folded up and stored somewhere discreet and out of the way.

You can rest easily knowing that they have non-skid feet and a fabric cover over each step to help ensure that the steps won’t slip, nor should your pet lose their footing.

PetMaker Folding Plastic Pet Stairs

These Folding Plastic Pet Stairs are very similar to the one above it. It is also durable with a convenient folding ability that makes it easy to stash it behind something.

The plastic is tough and easy to keep clean as well! Just have to wipe it down or wash it off if it gets dirty somehow.

Many people find that it makes life easier for larger dogs to get into and out of vehicles.

No more struggling to hoist your large dog up into your truck.

PetGear Easy Step Bed Stairs

Like the other PetGear stairs, these bed stairs are a little unique.

They have a wrap around design that is shaped like an L to save space in your bedroom.

A reasonably heavy dog can be supported by the PetGear stairs, not to mention its super sturdy and easy to assemble design is a breeze for most owners.

No tools required for these stairs!

The plastic material is simple to clean and doesn’t damage easily, plus the carpet on the steps can be removed and washed without any issues.

Many owners really appreciate its unique shape and design; feeling like it saves them space and keeps their canine companion happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

In veterinary clinics, many doctors will recommend pet stairs as an animal ages and needs help.

There are always questions to be asked.

  • Like what stairs are the best for the dog’s breed?
  • What size, or what material should the steps be made of?
  • How many steps do they need?

Keep reading to find out the answers to these frequently asked questions.

What stairs are best for my dog’s breed and size?

Most of these steps and stairs will give a product description of the maximum weight that they can handle.

I would mostly base the answer on this and the product reviews.

Sometimes they are more or less sturdy than the manufacturer describes.

A large dog should have stairs that can support more than what they actually weight and you would want them to be stable enough for your dog to walk on without feeling like they will fall off.

Otherwise they will refuse to use them.

What material should the stairs be made of?

Most of the time I think that any material is good, as long as it is made well. I’m not as big of a fan of the cushion like stairs, only because I worry that they won’t be stable enough for some dogs that are a little uncoordinated or geriatric.

Plastic seems to be the most sturdy, and of course wood is a great choice as well.

How many steps should I get?

Most of the stairs have multiple options for purchasing, like 2, 3 or 4 steps total.

You can oftentimes pick how many you want.

I would base your answer on the size of your dog and the height of your furniture.

A small breed will want more stairs and a larger breed will want less, just think about how wide the steps they take are.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon