Best Pet Dog Waste Stations & Containers: What’s The Best Way To Dispose Of Dog Waste?

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Whether you’re a homeowner hoping to clean up your lawn or a community member who’d like to see a cleaner park, this list of the best pet dog waste stations & containers will help you discover the best method to take care of business.

Written by Becca Choi, a passionate dog person and proud plant mom living in sunny Los Angeles.

Her first ever pet was a lovable Husky-Shepard mix named Marley, but her favorite breed will always be dachshunds!

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Check out the entire article if you want a guide to the best pet waste products out there—but if you want to save your time, here’s a summary of our top three dog waste products.

Top 3 Picks

The Best Dog Waste Station

UPGORILO Pet Waste Station

For a total solution to pet messes, the UPGORILO pet waste station is the best.

It includes a bag dispenser with a rain guard, lock, glow in the dark text, and hand sanitizer dispenser, plus a trash can that opens with a pedal.

Dog bags and bin liners are included, too.

The Best Outdoor Pet Waste Container

The PetFusion Portable Outdoor Pet Waste Disposal Station

If you need something simple to hold your pet’s waste at home, check out this trash can from PetFusion.

It has tons of unique features that make it the perfect small bin for holding pet waste.

The Best Dog Bag Dispensers Without a Waste Station

UPGORILO Dog Waste Station Bag Dispenser with Hand Sanitizer Bottle

Even if you only need a doggie bag dispenser, UPGORILO is still the best brand to know.

This dog bag dispenser is the same one you’ll see featured in the complete waste station. Its thoughtful design delivers everything you need.

The Best Dog Waste Stations

These are the perfect waste stations for community areas, whether that’s a dog park, public green space, or even your unfenced front yard.

The UPGORILO Pet Waste Station with Pedal

This complete dog waste station includes dog poop bags, can liners, glow-in-the-dark signage, and a pedal to open the garbage can.

UPGORILO Pet Waste Station with Pedal

This pet waste station is the best out there, thanks to its sturdy design made with powder-coated galvanized steel.

It is rust-resistant, easy to install, and looks great.

This pet waste station looks neat and professional whether used in a private yard or a community park.

The UPGORILO Pet Waste Station with Hand Sanitizer

This version of UPGORILO’s pet waste disposal station is exactly the same as the one above, except for the fact that it doesn’t include a foot pedal on the waste bin.

UPGORILO Pet Waste Station with Hand Sanitizer

Although this pet waste station doesn’t feature hands-free disposal, it does include:

  • a hand sanitizer bottle
  • 600 dog poop bags
  • 50 can liners

It’s also available in a mini size!

The Flybold Outdoor Pet Dog Waste Station

This adorable all-in-one pet waste station is similar to the UPGORILO model, but it features a more playful design with a puppy on the headboard and bone-shaped bag dispenser holes.

Flybold Outdoor Pet Dog Waste Station

The purple and green design adds an eye-catching spark.

This pet waste station includes:

  • 400 roll bags
  • 200 pull bags
  • 50 can liners
  • liner clamps in the waste receptacle
  • rust-resistant powder-coated surface

The Best Outdoor Pet Waste Containers

If you need a simple pet waste solution for your home, you may only need a pet waste container. Here are the best on the market.

The PetFusion Portable Outdoor Pet Waste Disposal Station

This small trash can for pet waste is more than meets the eye.

PetFusion Portable Pet Waste Disposal Station

The thoughtful design includes unique features like:

  • locking handle for easy transport
  • charcoal deodorizer to reduce odor
  • built-in clips to hold can liners in place
  • universal doggie poop bag holder
  • removable inner can for easy cleanup and take out

The ZubyDog Dog Poop Trash Can

If you need a total solution for your dog waste problem, then this trash can and pooper scooper set is perfect for you.

ZubyDog Dog Poop Trash Can

The ZubyDog trash can includes one large bin with a pedal and removable inner container plus a galvanized steel tray and pooper scooper rake combo.

The Original Doggie Dooley In-Ground Dog Waste Disposal System

If keeping your pet’s waste in a bin until it can go to the landfill doesn’t seem appealing to you, then you might prefer the Doggie Dooley, a pet waste disposal system that works similarly to a septic tank.

Doggie Dooley In-Ground Dog Waste Disposal System

For this dog waste disposal system, you’ll need to dig a deep hole and maintain it with Waste Terminator Tablets.

The Biomaster Pet Waste Wizard BioBin

If you like the idea behind the Doggie Dooley but aren’t a fan of digging a big hole in your yard, then the Biomaster Wizard BioBin could be a better fit for you and your yard.

Biomaster Pet Waste Wizard BioBin

This bin works similarly to the Doggie Dooley, but it enlists the help of worms. Just set the BioBin up in your yard. Add poop, digester enzymes, and water. Then, let the worms break down your dog’s waste.

Even if you have two large dogs, the bin won’t fill up after two years of use—as long you maintain it with water and enzymes.

If purchasing from the US, be aware that this is an Australian product—which means that you may need to pay more for shipping if you need extra digester powder.

The Best Dog Bag Dispensers Without a Waste Station

Assuming you can find a trash can nearby, these dog bag dispensers can complete your pet waste station setup.

The Dogipot Junior Bag Dispenser

This forest green doggie bag dispenser stands 16 inches tall.

Dogipot Junior Bag Dispenser

It’s a part of the Dogipot Pet Station, and advises dog owners with clear instructions on the best way to scoop their pet’s poop.

Dogipot Pet Station

This bag dispenser comes with 400 bags and two bag dispenser openings.

Thanks to the front locking design, it’s ideal for public spaces or front yards.

The UPGORILO Dog Waste Station Bag Dispenser with Hand Sanitizer Bottle

If you’re looking for a bag dispenser that’s a part of a larger set, though, you should turn back to the UPGORILO dog waste station.

UPGORILO Dog Waste Station Bag Dispenser with Hand Sanitizer Bottle

This waste station bag dispenser includes 600 bags, glow-in-the-dark signage, a locking design, a rain guard, and a hand sanitizer bottle.

This bag dispenser is the best one on the list, thanks to its unique design combined with a lack of branding.

You won’t find the UPGORILO logo on this bag dispenser. Instead, that space is reserved for a clear notice about how to dispose of pet waste.

The POOPY POUCH Express Mountable Dog Waste Bag Dispenser

If you want a no-frills solution that gives you easy access to pet waste bags, then you’ll love the Poopy Pouch.

The Poopy Pouch

It’s easy to mount indoors or outdoors, and the compact size makes it convenient to place near your front door.

This bag dispenser is only 10 inches tall, but it can hold up to 400 roll bags.

It is lockable, rust-resistant, and makes pulling off a single bag easy, even if you only have one hand available.

FAQs About the Best Pet Dog Waste Stations & Containers

Are there regulations for dog waste disposal?

Regulations on dog waste disposal vary by city or local municipality. Still, many places have pooper-scooper laws that state dog-owners must remove feces left in any public place and dispose of them properly.

The most severe fines for not scooping your dog’s poop are in major US cities like Los Angeles, Washington, DC, and Baltimore.

Although certain cities will fine you for not picking up after your pup in a public place, most cities do not regulate how you must dispose of your dog’s waste.

How do you properly dispose of dog waste?

Pet waste should always be disposed of properly.

Leaving your dog’s poop in your yard or garden isn’t good for the soil—it’s harmful to your plants and can cause a health hazard for you and your family.

Proper disposal of pet waste involves scooping the poop into a bag, sealing that bag tightly, and disposing of it in the trash for waste collection to come pick up.

Make sure the poop bag and your garbage bags are both sealed tightly.

This helps ensure the garbage collectors don’t come into contact with your pet’s waste.

What is the best way to dispose of dog poop?

The easiest and cleanest way to dispose of dog poop is in a sealed plastic doggie bag.

Buying a separate trash can to keep outdoors can make disposing of your pet’s waste easier, cleaner, and more pleasant.

You can even invest in a complete pet waste disposal station to keep in your yard, complete with poop bags, a waste bin, and hand sanitizer.

The EPA recommends you flush dog poop down your toilet, where it will be treated the same as human waste through your local sewage treatment plant or your septic tank. You can also create an individual dog poop septic tank to take care of business right in your yard.

What can I do about my neighbor’s dog poop?

If your neighbor’s dog is pooping on your lawn or outside your home, here are a few steps you can take to encourage them to dispose of their pet’s waste.

Talk to your neighbor

A level-headed conversation may be enough social pressure to convince your neighbor to pick up their poop.

Install a fence

A fence will keep your neighbor’s dog out of your yard for good.

Plant lavender

Humans like it, but dogs hate it.

Spray vinegar

Vinegar on your lawn’s border will keep dogs away.

Offer doggie bags 

If you install a pet waste station where the dog always poops, your neighbor will have no excuse not to pick up and dispose of their pet’s waste.

Post signs 

It’s polite and effective.

Get evidence 

Outdoor cameras can catch the dog in the act.

File a complaint with animal control 

A paper trail will help.

Seek or threaten legal action 

Look up your local pooper-scooper laws.

In some places, your neighbor could be looking at a $500 fine per poop.

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