9 Best Elevated Dog Beds For Large Dogs: Top Pet Bed Picks

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Elevated dog beds are an outstanding choice for any dog breed, but the flexible support they provide is especially beneficial to large dogs who suffer from joint problems more than small dogs.

But shopping for the best elevated dog beds for large dogs breeds can be overwhelming with so many options out there.

Instead of searching endlessly online, use this round-up of the best dog beds for large dogs. Each dog bed listed here is a popular one.

Written by Becca Choi, a passionate dog person and proud plant mom living in sunny Los Angeles.

Her first ever pet was a lovable Husky-Shepard mix named Marley, but her favorite breed will always be dachshunds!

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Top Three Raised Dog Beds For Large Dogs

Here are the top three that should be on your radar.

The Best Heavy-Duty Elevated Dog Bed

This pet bed is our top pick as a large bed for large dogs. Tested and rated for over 200 pounds, this elevated pet bed is great for multi-dog homes and large dogs.

The Original Pet Cot with Mesh Center from K&H Pet Products

The Best Elevated Dog Bed with Extra Support

This is the best elevated dog bed for outdoor use, where your large dog will need some relief from the sun.

The XL Outdoor Dog Bed

The Best Affordable Four-Post Elevated Dog Bed

This standard pet raised dog bed is affordable, easy to assemble, easy to clean, and extremely durable.

You can choose from four different colors, and you’ll love how long this elevated bed lasts.

The Original Cooling Elevated Pet Bed from Coolaroo

The Best Affordable Four-Post Elevated Dog Beds

These elevated dog beds use standard four-post construction.

They’re affordable, easy to assemble, and will meet your large dog’s needs—as long your pup weighs about 85 pounds or less.

The Elevated Dog Bed Cot from Bedsure

Key features of this raised bed include a durable mesh bound together with ultrasonic welding, so you can feel confident that your pet bed won’t become ratty and torn after just a year of use.

The Elevated Dog Bed Cot from Bedsure

The Raised Dog Bed from Western Home

This raised bed on a 4-legged frame from Western Home is a great place for your dog to hang out.

It’s easy to clean, lightweight, and durable, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

The Raised Dog Bed from Western Home

The Outdoor Elevated Dog Bed from Love’s Cabin

Love’s Cabin also makes a great standard four-post pet bed.

As for mesh material, reviewers have noted that the strong mesh feels thinner than one would expect.

So just to be safe, it may be better for medium sized dogs instead of the largest and heaviest dogs out there.

The Outdoor Elevated Dog Bed from Love’s Cabin

The Original Cooling Elevated Pet Bed from Coolaroo

This cooling elevated pet bed from Coolaroo is slightly longer and thinner than the rest in this category—but it also holds heavier pets up to 100 pounds.

It is available in several colors, and you can expect it to last for years.

The Original Cooling Elevated Pet Bed from Coolaroo

The Best Elevated Dog Beds with Extra Support

Now, let’s be honest. Is your dog overweight?

After all, over half of all dogs in the US are considered overweight and obese.

If they are, don’t stress. Your Labrador, golden retriever, or other large dog may need some extra support—and that’s okay. These durable elevated pet beds are up for the task.

The Portable Elevated Dog Bed for Pets from PETMAKER

This durable, elevated dog bed with extra support can support pets up to 110 pounds. 

And with a large size, your dog will have plenty of space. This bed is best for indoor use.

The Portable Elevated Dog Bed for Pets from Petmaker

The Raised Dog Bed from HACHIKITTY

For even bigger dogs, you’ll want an elevated pet bed with even more support.

This large, elevated bed supports pets up to 140 pounds with plenty of space for them to lay on the mesh.

The Raised Dog Bed from HACHIKITTY

The XL Outdoor Dog Bed from Superjare

This outdoor pet bed is great for sunny outdoor spaces.

A durable and large mesh platform provides comfort, while an extra-large canopy provides some necessary shade to keep your big dog cool.

Good for pets up that weight a bit over 100 pounds, this pet bed is our favorite elevated pet bed with extra support for large dogs.

The XL Outdoor Dog Bed from Superjare

The Best Heavy-Duty Elevated Dog Beds

These heavy-duty dog beds are recommended for overweight dogs or multi-dog households.

The Original Pet Cot with Mesh Center from K&H Pet Products

This pet cot from K&H Pet Products is great for multi-pet households and very heavy pets. 

What’s even better is that this pet bed is easy to assemble, clean, and transport. If you have an extra-large dog, this elevated dog bed is the best choice for your home or yard.

The Original Pet Cot with Mesh Center from K&H Pet Products

The Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed from Veehoo

This durable bed from Veehoo can hold pets up to 150 pounds so it’s a good bed even for Great Danes or two medium sized dogs who love to hang out together..

Users love how well-made this product is—and how it lives up to its “chew-proof” reputation.

The Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed from Veehoo

FAQs About the Best Elevated Dog Beds

Now that you know my top picks for the best elevated dog beds for large dogs, you might have a few questions before you make your decision about which one to get for your pet.

Here are some of the most common questions about elevated pet beds—and all the answers you need.

Are raised dog beds good for large dogs?

Elevated dog beds are great for large and small dogs, especially when placed outdoors.

Elevated beds:

  • regulate your dog’s temperature
  • make them feel safe and comfortable
  • protect their joints

Elevated dog beds provide airflow underneath the dog to help them remain at a comfortable temperature, preventing them from becoming too hot or cold.

They also provide cushioning from uncomfortable surfaces with firm and even support that is not only comfortable for your pet but also gentle on their joints.

Do dogs enjoy elevated dog beds?

Yes! While dogs have different personalities and preferences, they generally love elevated pet beds.

The simple reason is that they’re more comfortable than the alternative of lying on the floor.

This makes elevated beds especially great for places like the garage, patio, or deck, where dogs don’t have a comfy couch to lay on.

Why do dogs like elevated dog beds?

Dogs enjoy elevated beds for several reasons, including:

  • They enjoy the experience of being higher up. It helps them feel safer and more in control.
  • Elevated dog beds help them keep cool in hot weather and warm when the floors are cold.
  • Pet cots are comfortable to lay on. They provide gentle support that doesn’t hurt dogs’ joints.

How do you clean a raised dog bed?

All high-quality elevated pet dog beds are made with breathable materials that are easy to clean.

  1. Begin cleaning it by vacuuming hair, dirt, and other debris away.
  2. Then, use a garden hose to rinse the bed.
  3. For bigger messes, scrub it with a pet-friendly cleaner and sponge.
  4. Then rise it again with the hose.
  5. Leave it out to dry before setting it back up for your dog to enjoy.

Are elevated dog beds for indoors or outdoors?

While raised dog beds are designed to withstand outdoor use, they are great to keep inside your home.

Elevated dog beds are easy to clean and breathable.

They provide gentle support and help your dog regulate their temperature indoors and outdoors. The choice is yours!

Why won’t my dog lay in her elevated bed?

There are lots of reasons dogs may not immediately enjoy their new beds, such as:

  • the smell
  • they have other options
  • the unfamiliar surface makes the dog feel uneasy

New products often contain off-putting chemical smells. They also don’t smell familiar. If this is the case, placing some of your unwashed clothes on the bed can attract your dog.

Dogs may also avoid elevated dog beds if they have another spot where they prefer to lay. If they’re more comfortable on the couch or your bed, they may not be interested in an elevated dog bed.

Your dog or puppy may also feel uneasy on an unfamiliar surface that isn’t completely solid. Whatever the case is, you can train your dog to like their elevated bed.

How to train your dog to like its new bed?

If you want your dog to love their new elevated dog bed, train them.

Create positive associations with that spot by feeding them treats on or near the bed. Slowly lure them onto the bed with treats, giving them rewards of food and affection every step of the way.

Be sure to stop the training session when they seem tired of the activity. And don’t place them on the pet bed—let them come to it. Do this every day until your dog loves their new bed!

It’s also possible that your dog likes to lay on softer surfaces, in that case you can offer them a small and thin pillow that they can move around on the elevated bed.

But covering the bed entirely with something means that it won’t cool the dog anymore and you have just an elevated dog bed instead of one that’s elevated and also offer cooling.

You can also teach your dog the place command with their elevated pet bed.

Can I put an elevated dog bed in a crate?

You should always put a dog bed in a crate for your pet, and an elevated bed is a great choice.

Before purchasing, make sure that the pet bed fits into the crate easily.

Photo by Ron Lach