Best Dog Gates For Wide Openings: How To Keep Your Pets Safe And Separate

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While some pet owners are happy to let their dogs have free roam of the entire house, others recognize that their home functions best with a dog gate.

Dog gates can keep your pets safe, secure, and separated—and they can protect parts of your home from rambunctious puppies and gnawing teeth.

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The Top Picks

Here’s a summary of the best dog gates for wide openings .

The Best Extra-Wide Dog Gate for Entire Rooms

The Regalo Super Wide Adjustable Gate with Bonus Kit

This pet gate is the best one on our list. It measures a lengthy 16 feet wide and it can be wall-mounted.

For homes with multiple pets, unique needs, or large spaces that need to be gated off, this pet gate is the answer to your problems.

The Best Dog Gate for Wide Doorways

The Summer Infant Extra Tall & Extra Wide Safety Gate

This pet gate from Summer Infant is our top choice for wide doorways since it stands 38” tall and fits in spaces up to 53” wide.

It is stylish and sturdy with a locking door that includes auto-close or hold-open settings.

The Best Wide Pet Gate Without Walk-Throughs

The MYPET North States Wire Mesh Pet Gate

This pressure-mounted gate from MYPET is a classic and popular option.

We love the hardwood design, mesh gate, sturdiness, and easy installation. 

The Best Extra-Wide Dog Gates for Entire Rooms

These extra-wide dog gates are best for pet owners who want to create a puppy playpen space in a small part of one room.

These gates measure over 12 feet long, which is perfect for sectioning off an entire room or creating a stand-alone playpen.

The Regalo Super Wide Adjustable Gate with Bonus Kit

The Regalo Super Wide Adjustable Gate with Bonus Kit

This 192-inch baby gate makes a great dog gate for open rooms, yards, patios, and entrances.

If you don’t want to do the math, 192 inches equals a whopping 16 feet.

This is the longest pet gate on our entire list!

This pet gate doubles as an 8-panel play yard, and it features a walk-through door.

It is easily customizable since the panels can be separated. And, it can be wall-mounted for extra sturdiness.

This gate is ideal for households:

  • with multiple pets that need to be separated
  • that want a gate that doubles as a playpen area
  • with unique spaces that need to be gated off

The PAWLAND Freestanding Wire Dog Gate

The PAWLAND Freestanding Wire Dog Gate

This extra wide dog gate includes a walk-through door and can cover gaps up to 144” wide.

Ideal for patio entrances, foyers, and open floor plan homes, this pet gate also doubles as a stand-alone playpen for puppies.

Although you can stretch this gate to its maximum 144 inches, it is most sturdy when its six panels are placed in a zig-zag pattern across 70”-100” spaces.

For large or rowdy dogs, this gate may not hold.

This pet gate is not designed with wall mounts. Instead, several “feet” help it stand.

The Toddleroo by North States Deluxe Décor Baby Gate

The Toddleroo by North States Deluxe Décor Baby Gate

This wide and sturdy baby gate from Toddleroo can contain toddlers and pets within doorways and hallways and still allow easy access for those who are allowed through.

We love the walk-through gate features, which include:

  • one-handed operation
  • automatic close
  • triple locking system
  • customizable settings to choose if the gate swings in, out, or both ways.

At 30” tall, this gate fits spaces  that are up to 72” wide with a standard package. 

This functional and stylish extra-wide gate is available in matte bronze and warm white colors.

The Best Dog Gates for Wide Doorways

Although those extra-wide pet gates are amazing, they might be more than you bargained for.

Here are our top picks for the best wide dog gates for doorways.

The Summer Infant Extra Tall & Extra Wide Safety Gate

The Summer Infant Extra Tall & Extra Wide Safety Gate

This gate can fit in spaces between 29.5” and 53” wide.

The included extension frames allow you to customize this frame to fit inside any wide doorway without any special maneuvering.

The extra-tall design makes this gate good for pets that jump. It’s also great for the tops of stairs and includes a stairway installation kit as well as a no-drill doorway mount system.

We love the attractive light gray design and the auto-close and hold-open features.

The Cumbor Baby Gate for Stairs and Doorways

The Cumbor Baby Gate for Stairs and Doorways

This pet gate from Cumbor extends to 51.6” wide and uses a pressure mounting system so that you won’t damage your walls.

An auto-locking swing door allows safe passage for humans through just over 20″ of space, and the bars are close enough so even the smallest dogs can’t get through. 

The Regalo Super Wide Configurable 3-Panel Baby Gate

The Regalo Super Wide Configurable 3-Panel Baby Gate

This wide baby gate from Regalo comes in at 76 inches and includes hardware for wall mounting. The mounting brackets are adjustable, making this gate great for spaces with crown molding.

The design includes hinges between each panel so the gate panels can rest at various angles.

Because of this feature, we recommend this pet gate for unique spaces like uneven stair landings and wide entrances.

The Best Wide Pet Gates Without Walk-Throughs

All of the gates on this list so far have included walk-through openings—except these next two.

These specialty gates are the best ones we found.

The PETMAKER Wooden Freestanding Pet Gate

The PETMAKER Wooden Freestanding Pet Gate

This freestanding pet gate from PETMAKER is great for small and well-behaved pets.

Although this pet gate measures 24” tall and 72” wide, it’s best for spaces 40” or smaller.

Without any feet, this gate’s freestanding design requires you to set it up in a zig-zag accordion pattern. We love how easy this gate is to set up, move, and take down.

It’s best for homes that need a temporary or transportable solution.

The MYPET North States Wire Mesh Pet Gate

The MYPET North States Wire Mesh Pet Gate

This pet gate from MYPET is the only gate on this list with a bar pressure mount design.

This design is the most classic style of pet gate and perhaps one of the most popular.

We love how easy it is to set up and take down while still being sturdy. This gate is 32” tall.

FAQs About the Best Dog Gates for Wide Openings: What You Need to Know

Here are the most common questions about choosing the right wide pet gate for your home.

Can dogs knock over a freestanding pet gate?

Yes. Freestanding pet gates are the weakest type of pet gate.

A freestanding pet gate can stand thanks to wide feet on the bottom of the gate.

They’re easy to push around and can even be knocked over with enough force.

If you’re worried about your dog jumping or pushing on your pet gate, consider a pressure mounted or hardware mounted gate instead.

Pressure-mounted gates apply horizontal pressure to ensure they stay stuck.

Hardware-mounted gates are the sturdiest since they are screwed into your walls.

How do you secure a pet gate?

There are two main ways to secure a pet gate: with pressure or with hardware. If you have a pressure-mounted gate, you must manually adjust the gate to apply as much pressure as possible while still fitting in the space you need it to.

If you have a hardware-mounted gate, you will need a drill and several screws. Follow the instructions that came with your pet gate to mount it.

How high should dog gates be?

The best size of dog gate depends on the size of your pet.

For small dogs, dog gates that are 20” tall are usually big enough.

Medium-sized dogs will fare better with taller pet gates that are between 20” and 30”.

Large dogs or dogs that are known to jump gates will do best with even taller gates above 35” tall.

How do I choose the best pet gate?

There is no one size fits all option for the best pet gate.

The best dog gate for you and your home depends on several factors, including:

  • where the gate will go
  • what the gate will be used for
  • how tall and large your pets are
  • if your pets are known to jump gates

Pet gates come in many options and vary in size, shape, design, and sturdiness. A puppy pay pen gate will function much differently than a doorway gate intended to keep a large or giant dog at bay.

What is the tallest pet gate I can buy?

The tallest pet gate available for pet owners is 72” tall. Even cats can’t jump this pet gate. This pet gate is the tallest gate you can possibly buy, and it is offered by Roverpet.

You can browse more details about this pet gate here.

Can you use a baby gate for a dog?

Absolutely. Baby gates and pet gates are, for the most part, interchangeable.

The main difference is that baby gates may have added features to prevent children from climbing or getting hurt.

Pet gates are often designed to be sturdier and prevent pets from chewing or knocking the gate over.

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