8 Best Dog Bunk Beds for Large, Medium & Small Dogs

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Having a dog can mean that you now basically have a canine family member who will stop at nothing to be close to you.

Dogs love to sleep close to their humans because want to protect you while you’re vulnerable (drooling on your pillow, defenseless), but they also feel protected by being around you when they’re also defenseless (dreaming about playing in the park, kicking the air).

But even though you love to have your pooch next to you, having a dog (or more) on your bed can be a bit complicated and even annoying, especially when they take a lot of space or move a lot.

That’s why dog bunk beds next to your bed are such a good alternative! Dog will be close and you’ll have your bed to yourself.

By Mila Bander.

Professional writer and researcher just as in love with dogs as the next girl. Has fostered/babysitted dogs for neighbors and loved every second of it.

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Top 3 Dog Bunk Beds

In this article you’ll find a list of the best dog loft beds out there, for smaller and bigger dogs.

But if you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick top 3 of our list!

Penn-Plax Buddy Bunk

Penn-Plax Buddy Bunk – This multi-level bunk bed has stairs and a scratching pad.

Size X-Large bed with Footboard

Size X-Large bed with Footboard – Ideal for large dogs who also love to be close to you at all times.

Unipaws Pet Bunk Bed

Unipaws Pet Bunk Bed – This pet bunk bed is ideal for medium to small sized dogs of up to 20andsome lbs.

Best Dog Bunk Beds With Stairs

These dog bunk beds have stairs that are both handy and easy to climb.

Merry Pet Wood Pet House

The Merry Pet Wood Pet House

This bed is ideal for use indoors or outdoors. It’s a sturdy pet housing constructed from kiln-dried timber and stained with natural pigments made with smaller pets in mind.

Your dog will be kept safe and dry by the raised panel floor.

The roof and bottom panels are removable for simple cleaning.

Hardware and instructions are included, and assembly takes about 20 minutes.

It comes with side steps, a balcony, and lattice work.

Penn-Plax Buddy Bunk

The Penn-Plax Buddy Bunk

If you own a dog and allow he/she on your bed, you know it’s a struggle.

With this dog bunk bed, you can keep your dog close, but not too close.

The Buddy Bunk gives you some more room by allowing your pet to lie close to you without taking up the entire bed.

Dog Bunk Beds For Large & Medium Dogs

These bunk beds are ideal for dogs of large and medium size. Of course, they will work for a spoiled smaller dog too!

Size X-Large Bed with Footboard

The Size X-Large Bed with Footboard

Having a big clingy dog sleeping with you on your bed can make your sleep a bit uncomfortable.

That’s why this very unique bed will change your sleep and get you actually closer to your big dog, while keeping some comfortable distance.

A customer even shared that, “Before the Bunk, we had miserable nights, and now we sleep all night!”.

Unipaws Pet Bunk Bed

The Unipaws Pet Bunk Bed

This pet bunk bed is ideal for medium to small sized dogs, such as poodles, beagles and jack russels.

Up to two pets can use the bunk bed at once because it has a top sleeping area for dogs with a cozy cushion and a bottom one.

It’s high, comfortable and has stairs and a scratch pad for your pets to unwind.

If you also have cats in your house, or if you’re a cat person in this post (I see you!), this will also work really well for the felines.

It’s perfect to put next to a window so your pet can look outside and plan how to conquer the world.

Kuranda Dog Bunk Bed (Almond)

The Kuranda Dog Bunk Bed (Almond)

If you have multiple pets and have limited floor space, the Kuranda Bunk Bed is the ideal choice.

They can choose between the security of the lower bunk or the orthopedic comfort of the top dog view.

The bunks are specifically created at the ideal shoulder height for dogs to climb into and get a little higher with each bed size.

The fabric fits into a track on the unique chew proof PVC frame for safe protection against canine chewers.

It is also worth mentioning how cute this dog bunk bed looks.

It looks clean and simple enough, and will fit into any décor.

Dog Bunk Beds for Small Dogs & Toy Breeds

These beds are for the small and toy size breeds. Sorry, but these won’t work for bigger dogs.

Penn-Plax Buddy Bunk

The Penn-Plax Buddy Bunk

You can read more about this bed above.

But just to add more to the description, the Buddy Bunk gives you some more room by allowing your pet to lie close to you without taking up the entire bed.

For older, smaller, or weaker dogs, such as those with hip dysplasia, the detachable, carpeted steps are ideal since they make it simpler for them to get up onto regular-sized beds.

Petique Bedside Lounge-Pet Bed

The Petique Bedside Lounge-Pet Bed

The ideal all-in-one pet bed for your beloved buddies might be the Bedside Lounge.

Your pets will be able to always stay at your side (but not too close) because of the raised platform and extra-comfy beds.An extra place for relaxing is naturally created by the bottom bunk.

You can choose to watch your pets play or unwind thanks to the three zippered doors and sizable mesh windows.

The Bedside Lounge is the ideal addition to your family because it is big enough for various dogs.

Merry Pet Wood Pet House

The Merry Pet Wood Pet House

This cozy pet house will look great on your home’s deck or balcony with its lovely lattice fence and stained brown cedar finish.

Your pet can sunbathe and play on the roof-top balcony through the steps along the side of the property.

The ‘Room with a View Pet House’ is a customized indoor/outdoor building made for your home’s tiny pets.

The lower lounge area has a raised bottom to keep pets dry and steps along the side of the house that lead to a rooftop balcony where your pet can sunbathe and play.

The lower lounge area is made of kiln-dried wood that has been treated with natural color stains to enhance its appearance and durability.

The pet house is lightweight, easy to handle and has a calming, all-natural scent.

It comes with straightforward instructions, with easily assembled, knock-down panels and a removable roof top for easy cleaning.

FAQ About Best Dog Bunk Beds

Can Dogs Sleep in Bunk Beds?

Yes! Dogs can sleep in bunk beds, for sure.

Dogs and owners may more easily share a bed thanks to the dog bunk beds.

Many dog owners allow their canine companions to sleep in their beds, but it can become uncomfortable to share a bed with your dog during the night and impair your sleep.

Bunk beds can help solve this problem.

Why Should I get a Dog Bunk Bed for my Dog?

Your dog loves you very much, and they want to protect you and also feel protected by you.

While you might be uncomfortable sleeping with dogs on your bed, they can be too!

For this reason, giving them a way to be more comfortable while still next to you by your bed, is simply a lovely idea.

Also, a good night of sleep is crucial for your health, so by giving your dog a bunk bed, you will be giving yourself a gift too!

Where To Buy Dog Bunk Beds?

Bunk beds for pets are less common than regular or donut beds so it may be bit more difficult to find them in stores near you.

You can buy dog bunk beds in some physical pet shops and stores, but also online – why not start from this list.

Do Dogs Enjoy High Beds?

Yes! They feel safe and comfortable in beds above the ground and higher places. These beds are actually not that high.

Even big dogs can be supported by an elevated bed because of the fabric’s tightness and solid bed frame.

Some dogs in particular like how springy that taut cloth is.

Are Cat Loft Beds Suitable for Dogs?

It can totally work depending on the size of the dog.

Some dogs are roughly the same size as a cat.

Cat beds usually come with special features such as scratching pads, but dogs also enjoy scratching once in a while, even if not as much as cats do.

Can Cats use Dogs Loft or Bunk Beds?

For sure! If it’s big enough for the cat, it can totally be used by a cat too.

A cat might not feel safe on a second-hand loft or bunk bed previously used by a strange dog, or even other cats.

It needs to be free of other animal’s scent so the cat knows it is safe.

Are Dog Bunk Beds Dangerous?

For most dogs, no.

Dog bunk beds are just a bit elevated and safe to use, and also comfortable, and convenient to humans.

But if a dog has any type of injury or disease, or if they are too small, older or too young, a bunk bed might be dangerous, since the dog could fall and get hurt.

It’s important to make sure that every dog gets used to using the bunk bed before you leave them unsupervised.

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