Are Puppy Playpens A Good Idea?

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Got yourself a new puppy? Lucky you!

But before a long and happy life together, you’ll have to get through puppyhood.

There’s nothing in the world more adorable than a young puppy, but if you didn’t know already, puppies are a lot of work!

Like human babies, they require constant supervision, frequent feeding, and potty breaks, and are unlikely to sleep through the night.

If you have a regular job and work 40 hours a week, you might be a little overwhelmed. That’s when you ask yourself, are puppy playpens a good idea?

By Adeline Ee.

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I personally had to take 4 months off my job to raise my Rottie girl when she came into my life many years ago.

Even at the tender age of three months, she was starting to show signs of becoming a little terror and I knew if I didn’t nip it in the bud, we were gonna be in for a rough ride.

Enter the puppy playpen. Bigger than a crate, it allowed for space to play and roll around with her toys, I didn’t feel bad about leaving her in it for an hour or two.

It also allowed a corner for puppy pee pads, which at that time, she was small enough to use.

Now I could go about my day and not worry about finding the couch or door ripped up when I got back!

What Is A Puppy Playpen?

The puppy (or pet) playpen consists of numerous hinged panels that form an enclosure, providing a private place with a confined environment where your pooch can play safely in and stay out of trouble.

Pups can play, walk around, and basically stay safe as their owners are busy with other tasks around the house and are unable to watch them constantly.

At its core, a puppy playpen is simply a secure enclosure made up of either wire or plastic panels.

Watch out if you’re using wire panels, they are sturdier, but tend to scratch up the floors!

These panels are typically adjustable in size so that the area of the playpen can be expanded or reduced depending on the needs of your particular pup.

Additionally, many modern puppy pens also include features like wheels for mobility, food and water bowls, and pop-up covers to shade the pups from strong sunlight or extreme weather conditions.

Overall, a puppy playpen is an essential tool for any puppy owner that wants to stay sane instead of constantly having to yell “Noooooooo!”

Advantages Of Using A Puppy Playpen

A playpen is an invaluable tool for raising a puppy, right up there with the crate.

It makes life way easier when you don’t have to constantly wonder what mess you’ll find waiting for you when you return home, or have to constantly watch your pup.

Keeps Your Puppy Safe

The first and most obvious advantage of a playpen is to keep your puppy safe while you are away.

Puppies will get into everything, and the last thing you want is for your pup to go chewing on electrical cables, or get into some toxic foods in the trash bin.

At the same time, it prevents your pet from developing bad habits.

Puppies will chew, a LOT.

They will rip up your shoes with their sharp little puppy teeth faster than you think.

More Space Than A Crate

A playpen provides more space for jumping, walking, and playing than a crate.

With plenty of room for toys, water, and food, having this all in one place will allow your pup to be entertained, yet still remain confined.

In addition, young puppies have teeny little bladders and will have to pee frequently. If you cannot take them out for a potty break every three hours or so, you can use puppy pee pads in a corner of the playpen to keep the mess contained.

Puppies don’t want to pee in their crates, but if they simply can’t hold it anymore, they may have to, and this sets back your crate and potty training efforts.

Suitable For Outdoors

With more robust material, a playpen is also ideal for outdoor use.

When used outdoors, it provides more space for your dog to run around and not get bored even when you’re not at home.

Additional panels can be attached to create a larger area for your dog.

Disadvantages Of Using A Puppy Playpen

Of course, nothing’s perfect.

Not For Potty Training

Since your pup can pee in the corner of the playpen without soiling himself, he’s likely to pee in his pen.

Pup Might Outgrow The Playpen Soon

Depending on the breed, a six-month-old pup can easily jump out of the playpen.

An agile, medium to large breed like a Siberian Husky or Australian Shepherd can jump a one-meter high puppy pen at about 6 months.

My German Shepherd got out when he was about 5 months old and I had to cable tie an additional mesh covering over the top.

Final Thoughts On Puppy Playpens

Like all tools, puppy playpens can be invaluable in helping you raise your puppy. Good luck and happy tails!

Photo by Elena.